Dude, you're getting arrested for possesion! SWEEET!

Dumbass Dell guy is arrested for possesion of marijuana.

I, for one, am shocked and outraged. I can’t believe THAT GUY smokes weed.

He always did remind me of Robert Mitchum . . .

Yeah, but Mitchum could act! Obviously, this guy’s stoner routine was no act!

At least we know now that marijuana isn’t considered a Gateway drug. :smiley:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

"Dude, you’re getting a cell!"



In other news, the Pope is Catholic and bears do shit in the woods.

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Geez…you’d think a celebrity, even a small one, could do his buying off of the street.

I saw that over at theforce.net already.

Dude, you’re gonna be my bitch!

I wish I had said that (and trust me…I WILL!)

The (closet) farmer of Dell,
The (closet) farmer of Dell;
I’m sure that if he’s canned
He won’t be alone in his cell.

Same line on theforce.net, also on the SF Gate homepage. Although I don’t believe in this case you were pulling a Chumpsky. :slight_smile:

So does this mean he won’t be in any more commericals? Please let it be so.

Ironic since I think pot should be legal, but that kid annoys me so much that I’m willing to suspend that sentiment for now.

Dell had been phasing him out of their commercials lately (past few months) anyways.

But c’mon, if this was a ‘dime’-bag buy (not unlike David Lee Roth in Washington Square Park about 10 years ago) the “criminal” posession charge was way out of proportion. I imagine it was trumped up as a this-will-get-me-a-promotion once the cop recognized him. I’d have rather plead not-guilty to both charges then at worst pled guilty to one violation (less than a misdemeanor) and paid the $50 fine than the ‘be good for a year and we’ll forget this happened’ deal he got from the judge.

I guess the little stoner’s a Method actor, huh?


Best line I heard about this (from someone on Fark):

“Doesn’t he know marijuana is a gateway drug?”

Well, I guess this spells the end of all religous debate on this board since this clearly proves that there is indeed a God.

Yay… The Dell guy is busted… My day is now a little brighter.

(And I’m with you, HPL)