Don't foreget them in time of need.

In rememberance to all the people I have lost. I’ve learned to cherish you when you were around. I will go to visit you when your sick and even when your dying. Nothing is as important as to support the ones that you care for. They langish daily in their solitude, because they can not leave their bed. My busy schedule can be delayed another day. I do not wish to miss a day that I could have spent with you. Tomorrow can be too late to speak, to those you love. Leave from work, or holiday to visit them in need. This could be the last time you see them and and talk to them alive.

You will not regret that you have left the bosses or your work, to be with those that you loved until the passing of their life. Set your priorities now, so that when the crisses happens, you will know the coarse to take, that matters when you need to decide.

Stand by your friends in time of need and they I’m sure will try to be by your side, if you find the need.

Friends forever means leaving, when it might be a problem. You will understand that this is the most that you sometimes can do, and you will never remiss the actions that followed through.

The job goes on. the world goes on, and you have remand true.

Does anybody share these sediments?

I do, Phobia.

My mom had surgery, and we chose to care for herself (well, me really, I didn’t have much help.) The surgery was for cancer, and they thought they had gotten it all. 1 1/2 years later we found out that it had metastizied and that she was terminal.

I moved back home, worked all day and cared for her the rest of the time. While I was working, my incredible father and many wonderful people from our church helped out.

I wanted to take a leave of absence from work, but my mom wouldn’t let me. She said “honey, when I am dead you are still going to need a job!” So, I worked all day, and stayed up with her a large part of the night. And I never minded, either.

Now that she is gone, I have to tell you…I had a really, really good relationship with my mom before she became ill. I loved and admired and respected her. I adored her, actually. But…those nights after I knew she was going to die, in the quiet night watches…we bonded in a way that was incredible.

I wouldn’t change that time I had with her for any amount of money…not for a million, billion, gazillion dollars. I miss her more than I can express to you, and I always will. But…

Never in her life did my mother ever doubt that her children loved her. She didn’t NEED me to prove that I loved her. I NEEDED TO SHOW IT TO HER and I was given the opportunity to do so. And I can’t tell you how much it means to me NOW that I TOOK that opportunity.