Don't forget Daylight SAVING time.

Spring ahead your clocks tonight at 2 a.m. or else.

The winter has hung on so long this year, that it seem very early.

I just went outside and to the store… in zoriis and a damp (from doing dishes) short-sleeve shirt. It’s pretty balmy out there, The carmometer said 46ºF. It definitely feels Springy.

Will you people PLEASE stop doing this!

I’m starting to take it personally now:smack:

raise your hand if you stay up and change clocks (those that don’t do so automatically) in the minutes near 2AM.

if you change hours before/after do you read the wrong time at some point?

What is this Daylight Saving time you are talking about?

Hey, there is very little to brag about Arizona nowadays…

I love Daylight Saving. You’re missing out!

Have I missed something?

Stands next to GIGObuster and waves. We live in the land of “we don’t need anymore stinking sunlight”

Kyla Arizona once tried DSL. As I understand, the moms were trying to put their kids to bed with full daylight and then marched on the capital. Dinners were late and men found out that they looked better in the dark. It was almost the end of times.


Have not had to worry about changing clocks for a long time. (Thailand does not do it, nor does Hawaii.) But you know that old adage, “Spring forward, fall back”? I knew a guy who could never get that straight. He was forever saying “Sping back, fall forward.”

I live in the land of no DSL. Everytime you folks change your clocks, it messes with me. Even more now that I’m taking international calls. The guy I am dealing with in Canada will change his clock to match mine tonight. The guy I’m dealing with in Florida will go from 2 hours to 3 hours later.

Just stop it! Pick a time and deal with it!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!eleventy11111

Only a few more minutes until we jump forward an hour into the future! I hope I don’t run into myself there. I hate that guy.

Anyone that uses an insulin pump, CGM or blood glucose meter: don’t forget about these!

So, if we’re going into daylight savings time, does that mean we’re leaving daylight wasting time?

Where’s that petition to stop this silly time change thing? Let’s just pick a time and stay there! By the clock, my dog let me sleep in an hour, when in reality, this is my normal weekday rising time. It’s good for helping me adjust, I guess, but still stupid.

My only consolation this week is that I have training on Mon and Tues that starts and ends later than my normal hours, so I can gradually adjust to the change. But I still hate it. Someone better do something, dagnabbit!!!

I set all nonautomatic clocks up an hour before I go to bed on Saturday night. Except I don’t go out and set the clocks on the car or truck. I have to have sump’n to do the first day of dst and in the Fall when we go back to standard time after all.

I’m with the pick a time and stick with it crowd. However, I’d prefer to remain on standard time. I don’t like it that it’s almost 7:15 a.m. and it’s still dark out. It ain’t right!

You Americans are two weeks early! :stuck_out_tongue:

Every year people moan and grumble about this. Moan, grumble, whine, “oh, I have to adjust a few clocks, life sucks!”

I love it! Extra daylight! Summer is on its way! Woohoo! :cool:

And I say, oooh, winter’s ending. Sucks.

I saved my daylight in an old shoe box, but I need help from you guys…where should I store the shoe box?