Don't Forget the Maple Syrup (or anything else, possibly)

I heard on the news this morning as I was getting dressed that researchers have found something in maple syrup (the real deal, not the maple-flavored stuff) that combats brain cell deterioration, and thus can possibly help ward off or even cure Alzheimer’s. I didn’t catch the details as I was in the bathroom and the tv was in the bedroom, so I’m wondering if anyone else heard this news item and has any more information about it.

One of many stories here.

Looks like I’d better plan a…er…science trip to Cracker Barrel in the near future.

Thank you for the link, Asimovian. I hadn’t had the opportunity to do the research yet. This sounds like the real deal, in which case it’s pretty marvelous!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It allows me to legitimately increase the volume on my [del]obsession with pancakes[/del] strong feelings about diet and health.

It will be lovely to feel virtuous with a piece of waffle, dripping in ‘real deal’ maple syrup, on the tines of my breakfast fork!

And you wonder why Canada has a Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve:wink:

People better buy their Maple Syrup now b/c I heard on the news that this warm winter was really bad for the Maple Syrup famers . The cost could be high for it this spring and some people might water their down .

Boy howdy. Before even reading this, my hubby and I started today with gluten-free waffles from Trader Joe’s topped with real, actual maple syrup. I feel smarter already!

<Janice> Monica and Rachel have syrup
Now I can get my man to cheer up! Hahahahahahahahahahahah

One more reason for me to love my wife’s maple-glazed carrots.

Finally, now I have an excuse for guzzling it straight out of the bottle as a snack.

Just in case anyone’s appetite is getting too wound up from this story, I’ll add that it reminded me of a different news story I heard about just yesterday involving Justin Bieber and syrup. News article and potentially slightly NSFW art contained in the spoilered link: artist’s comment in the update at the end of the story make it all worthwhile, for me.

Any statistics on lower percentages of Alzheimers sufferers in the New England states?

How do I get the syrup into my brain? Treepanning?

So THAT is why I had to reach all the way back on the store shelf to grab the last [real] maple syrup on the shelf yesterday! Usually the shelf is full since it costs so much.

I’ve been buying Maple syrup for years. FYI - I also like bean/cheese burritos and eggs-over-easy.

I heard something similar about CB’s Double Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake, but I haven’t had enough “surp” yet to remember where I heard it.

So what do you do if you have diabetes and Alzheimer’s?

I love maple syrup, but I haven’t tasted it in 12 years. And I live in the maple syrup capital of the world. Quebec produces something like 90% of the world’s supply and has something like a 2 year store of the stuff. Are there any statistics that show that Quebecers suffer less from Alzheimer’s?

I found this for you, Hari. It states that as of yet no clinical trials have been conducted. At this point, it’s a lab discovery only, although I imagine they’ll start testing soon since no toxic compounds are involved.

I’m sure the news sources will report on it again once studies have been conducted on humans.

what an appropriate user name/post combo.
I always said there is a reason it comes in a flask instead of a regular bottle!
I better go stock up since in the guesthouse, ONLY the adults (and only a select few of those) get real maple syrup, and ONLY when I deign to make waffles (from scratch, none of that pancake as a waffle premix stuff from krusteaze)