Don't get a Hummer this summer

No, get your minds out of the gutter. Check out this article that ties SUVs, gas wastage, and Shaquille O’Neal together. It’s at The Simon. Okay, you can go back to the gutter now.

The gutter’s nice. It’s warm and friendly and you meet such interesting people.

Boy, that guy sure can whine.

Nice to meet you 2trew. It is warm down here.

Given that a Hummer H2 is approximately 16-feet x 7-feet, I don’t see how there would be much room left to sleep with two H2s there. Of course, I think finding sleeping room would be the least of you problems if you tried to park on Shaq’s bed.

What guy, the article was written by a woman.

Don’t get a hummer, give a hummer.


I haven’t gotten a hummer since November. If I don’t get one this summer, I’m going to go insane!!!

Hummers come in different colors?