I am seeing entirely too many Hummers on the road!

Finally! An automobile for the Americans that feel just too cramped in their Navigator Expidition Behemoths. This auto does a waste trifecta: waste of space, waste of money and waste of nonrenewable resources.

If an auto purchase ever says anything about the purchaser, this one says “I don’t give a fuck about anybody else.”

I wish gasoline was as expensive in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world.

I haven’t actually seen any of those, but I agree with you in principle and on most SUVs, too. With all due respect to those who really do need a truck, I resent those who block my view, and who pollute the atmosphere and consume far more gas than a normal car just to show off. In the parking garage where I work, half the spaces are taken up with huge vehicles that are being used to transport ONE PERSON to work.

I’m sure all the SUV-owners will now jump up and defend their right to have the truck or van that they need. OK by me as long as they pay the same registration fees that truck-owners do, unless they can conform to the emission and milage standards that cars do.

I disagree. The standard Hummvee has been available for private purchase for years now, and the H2 SUV that you see everywhere is drastically discounted from the standard price. These people are buying a cheap knockoff of the real thing.

Where do you live, California or something? Haven’t you people ever heard of getting a room?

Oh, you’re talking about a car. Sorry.

While I agree that the mpg for SUVs is lower than cars (on average), this is America were we have the freedom to buy what we want if we can afford it (within reason, of course). If states want to regulate the emissions (as most - if not all- do) and make SUVs undrivable, great. Let them. Until then, we’re just going to have to suffer.

The possibility of an asteroid impact doesn’t concern you?

Well, lieu, that’s exactly my point. The H2 isn’t as solidly built as the Hummer, so if you went the cheaper route, your vehicle might not fare so well in a dinosaur-extinction-level event.

You know it’s bad enough to see those three parking spot eating monsters on the road, but almost all of them I’ve seen are also also that hideous school bus orange color. Note to giant vehical drivers: the problem wasn’t that people could see you, it was they could see past you.

I swear those things make me want to get a smaller car just so I can see under them…

God but those H2s are the most hideous things to ever come out of Detroit! I’m deeply offended by them. How can anyone with even a modicum of taste purchase one of those monstrosities?

They just scream balding man with small dick and alimony payment coming through!

Actually, Juanita, I’ve seen a number of them driven by women. ("Hi babe, could you give me a… ;))

I think they’re ugly, but this is America, and we have the inalienable right to exercise bad taste.

I don’t want to ban them, but I do want them to count in the CAFE standards for fleet fuel economy, so that each one of them sold has to be balanced out by the sale of vehicles that get good gas mileage.

I’m not sure about the H2, but I know that the original Hummer is exempt from the fuel-economy standards because it’s so heavy. Back when they were drafting the rules, nobody ever figured anyone would make a consumer vehicle that weighed that much, so they exempted all vehicles over a certain weight from the fuel-economy standards.

There’s a dealership directly across the freeway from my office complex so I have the opportunity for a Hummer to rub me the wrong way on an almost weekly basis. I don’t know that I’ve passed the gas station next to it without seeing one or two of them in there filling up.

I think that Lewis Black nailed this one. He stated that the 50 grand would be more efficiently spent buying space on a huge billboard in Times Square with the Hummer driver’s photo on it, and the caption “I’m a Dick!”

The H2s are just stupid. My girlfriend and I wave our pinkies everytime we see one.

I think it’s funny that in the J.D. Power initial quality rankings released recently, it was the absolute worst of the lot. . .with about 200 complaints per 100 vehicles sold. Then, a few days later, I read articles stating that most of those complaints were regarding fuel consumption.

One has to ask, “What the hell did you expect?!”

I have a really hard time understanding how such a significant portion of the population can be that much stupider than anyone I actually know. Where the hell are these people? Probably outside my social circles, as they would most likely be upper management types.

If anyone demands them, I can dig up cites for the J.D. Power stuff.

I’m rather tired and Hummer means Lobster in German, so I had this crazy mental image of giant lobsters on the road.

They were driving a Hummer, however, so that got me right back on track.

When I see a Hummer, I always expect men with MIB sunglasses, Kevlar vests and various world-saving tools to jump out. Since it’s impossible for those things to find a parking space in a German city, I guess I’ll have to wait until one actually stops.

I always call them Humjobs myself.

So, what kind of jacked-up, huge-tired monster truck could you buy for $50,000? Bet it would look meaner than the H2…

This is bigger, amphibious, and $20,000 cheaper. I’d rather have this as my commuter vehicle:


Oh, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Hummer stretch limo. I’ve seen a surprising number of these lately, although mostly white… one wonders what sort of wedding party might be going for a ride in THAT thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the “These-things-are-UGLY” camp. There’s something absurd about a bumblebee yellow Hummer. When I see them, any color really, I just shake my head and laugh. They look silly and I can’t imagine why someone would want one.

Each to his own, I guess.