DON'T Stump the Teenage Girl with Not-So-Average Knowledge

I propose a game for you all!

My father, Straight Dope user cmyk had played this little game with some of you older board members a few years ago. (I think i’m looking in the right place. 2007 I think he did it. If not, well, it was around that time frame for sure. By the way, the original thread by him is here.)

There are a few rules and changes i’m making, however.

  1. It is the same as my father said, I hereby swear to you I will not use Google, or /any/ external sources when answering your questions. This means books, people, anything. I will use nothing but my own cranium.

  2. Ask me whatever question you wish. However, I am not a genius by any means. Keep in mind i’m only 15. Though, I think I may be able to answer a couple at least.

  3. Once you figure out my strong points, (they are indeed there, though a bit obscure), you can ask me harder questions in the same category… Or whatever you would call that. A field of interest? Whatever, you get it.

  4. Remember, the trick is NOT to stump me. Instead of using that… …interesting… point system my father was using, for every correct answer to one of your questions, give yourself one point. For every one I get wrong, subtract one. You don’t need to rate or do any of those crazy shenanigans.

Winner gets pie. (I hope you are happy about my efforts to give this prize to you… I have to go all the way out to the swamps and wrangle it myself.)

GO! :smiley:

Name one song by The Beatles.

OK, everyone says that young people are completely ignorant in history and geography so let’s see.

  1. Which countries did the US fight in WWII?

  2. What year did the US declare independence, and from what country?

and a science question:

  1. What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

In what year was the first photographic colour process marketed?

Extra kudos for its name and country of origin.

Eleanor Rigby? I’m pretty sure that’s how you spell that song.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?

What is Max Headroom?

  1. Japan, Germany, and possibly Italy? That’s all I can think of.

  2. July 4th, 1776. No. Yes? I know we claimed our independence from the British… But the year throws me off. I am ashamed I can’t remember. Was it 18somethingorother?

  3. No idea.

I have /no idea/.

One… Two… A-Three… CRUNCH.

…No clue.

1907, Autochrome. France.

What was the Bonus Army?

Cool! Two correct answers minus one which I figured you may not know.

The last was a tricky question as it can only be answered with another question.

We can stay away from Monty Python references.

Net one point!

You do know that you aren’t trying to stump her? That you’re trying to ask questions which are just difficult enough to answer but she may not be able to?

What percent of the average individual can answer that question about color development?

I don’t know that one either, hah.

Oh, i’m glad I got those right.
I need to watch Monty Python, that’s my own fault! Hah! …'Tis but a scratch. (In my dignity, at least.)

In what century was the Great Depression?

Who was president when it began and who was president when it ended?

100 per cent of that part of the brain in any individual that contains that knowledge.

But I accept your remonstrance.

The Great Depression was in the 1900’s.
As for who was president when it began and ended… I don’t know. Oh my word.

I think this game has become more of a disappointment to myself rather than fun. (Just kidding, this is super fun…! But i’m ashamed at how little I know… Wow!)

The Civil War was fought between the Union Army and the Confederate Army. What was the issue?

a. Slavery
b. States’ rights
c. Lincoln’s ratty beard

Who was Pythagoras and what is his theorem used for?

What’s all this about Schrodinger’s Cat?

How many syllables in each line of a haiku?

  1. Tough one… I’ll go with A. But C is tempting…

  2. …Pythagoras Theorem… I know the name, but I don’t know what it is exactly.

  3. God damn it. Same as 2.

  4. five lines to start it
    seven lines fill it in more
    five lines to end it

…I’m a haiku master. Best poetry, man.

:smack: it should have been “what percent of people can answer that question”

Don’t worry. I doubt that many of us could have answered many of these questions at your age.

New Question:

Complete the following sentence.

Picasso is a famous . . .