Don't use Windex to clean an LCD monitor!

Dammit! :smack:



I’ve been wondering whether to get that super-expensive screen cleaner they sell at the Apple store…

Why not?

Does it melt, like the Wicked Witch? Because that would be cool.

I would add glossy dell laptops, too.

Nice streaks, dumbass.

So…what am I supposed to clean it with??

Oh, heck, no! Beef gravy is a secret ingredient in all LCD screens. Just sit back and relax.

I do not know the exact nature of the damage that has been done to my monitor, but the effect is of these sort of “streaks” that run under the surface of the screen. They will not be going away. I read on several websites that alcohol based cleaners like Windex will permanently damage LCD monitors. Dammit.


Its not unbearable. But it is annoying.

no shit. now i know why mcdonalds puts caution may be hot on all there coffee. Common sense isnt enough sometimes.



What else can I not use Windex on? Now I’m afraid.

I’m not sure that t’s the alcohol that does the damage.

Per a whole bunch of instructions i’ve seen on thew web, i clean my LCD monitor with a watered-down solution of isopropyl alcohol, and have never had any problems at all.

You should not use Windex (or any ammonia based cleaner) on most trasparent plastic surfaces. It will ruin big screen TV screens, poster frames, LCD monitors and many other things.

The expensive big-screen tv cleaners at the BigBox stores is just water with “thickening” polymers to help keep it from dripping.

Just use a damp cloth to clean your monitors and TVs. I use microfiber cloths which I very lightly dampen. Works great.

Spit’s okay, though, right?

Its expensive at 32 bucks for a 200ml bottle , but its branded monster and is blue with a special type of cloth but since i have only used maybe a teaspoons worth since I bought it in the summer, its not such a big deal with the sticker shock.


Is that the same Monster brand that makes the cables?

If so, i’ll bet you can get a product that is essentially identical, for about one-quarter the price.

Monster = rip-off

It probably is , yet I havent seen any competing product on the shelfs. If you can give me a trade name , I can see if I can track it down.


Monster is the brand of cleaner I was talking about (at the Big Box stores). I used to sell the stuff. There are NO cleaning ingredients in it other than water. Its ingredient list should read: Water, polymers.

The polymers ONLY purpose is to prevent it from dripping when you spray it on the screen.

If Apple is selling it for 32 bucks, and you insist on buying water to clean your screen, go to Circuit City or Bestbuy. They should sell it cheaper. Though it does come with a microfiber cloth. I wouldn’t spend that much on it though.

If it’s the microfiber cloth that’s driving up the price, any Ritz or Wolf Camera will sell a microfiber cloth (about 6"x8", it looks like) for about $6, IIRC.

Also, don’t use Windex on dry-erase boards. It causes them to wear out a lot quicker (honestly, you can clean dry erase boards with fresh dry erase marker half the time anyways).

I think I meant ammonia. But now I don’t remember.


It’s licking my eyes.