Don't want to share this board with a friend

I’m very new here and fell in love after reading the “and I thought they always said” thread. I laughed so hard I almost peed! But, I don’t have any intention of sharing this with a close friend of mine who is also a nethead. Why? I think I would censor myself if I knew she were out here too. Anyone else?

You can count the number of apples in one tree but never the number of trees in one apple.

Go ahead and share it – but don’t tell your friend your alias so she won’t know which posts are yours.

But be sure you know hers.

Yeah, how many Byzantines can there be?

I would love to share the jokes & stuff with my younger brother, but there is too much of me raw & unreserved here to let him see,and ‘kellibelli’ would be a pretty sure tip off.
So I keep it to myself.

I know what you mean. I frequent several message boards, using different aliasas (aliae?) depending on the subject and whether or not I want to be recognized. So far, I’ve kept this one to myself.

I won’t share this with my sister in law because 1) She’s close minded 2)Very Religous 3) Drives me nuts. 4) We don’t share the same ribald sense of humor. If humor were a place, she’d be the Kansas School Board. 5) Thinks the internet is just a porn place. 6)Where else can I sound off for $21.95 a month?

I prefer to keep this place to myself. It’s like my very own bat cave, minus Alfred, the butler.

Well, I gave my father one of Cecil’s books years ago, and now I’m a little afraid he’ll stumble upon this site and recognize me from some of the personal things I’ve mentioned in my posts. (I’d like to think I haven’t said anything TOO awful, but still, it would be weird.)

It wouldn’t take her long to figure out it was me. The name alone is a major tip off if she thought about for a moment. And there is something so sweet about a private pleasure.

This place is like a huge candy bar hidden in my closet and I can sneak back for a few nibbles while my friends munch carrot sticks.

I can say anything I want (well, within the scope of human decency, I mean – don’t want a moderator reading that and then freaking out!) And I can share things out here ABOUT her and not have to worry about it getting back to her.

I have 2 friends that I “share” this board with. I send them threads they might be interested in via ICQ, and they leave the rest alone.

I just hope my husband doesn’t stumble upon it…although I think the post I’m worried is long gone. :wink:

I really feel for you people who can only be raw and uncensored, real and completely yourselves…anonymously. That must be a bitch.

Stoid…always herself, everywhere.

Oh Stoidela, you are really so honest that you hold NOTHING back? Nothing at all?

“If you are honest only because you think it’s the best policy, your honesty has already been corrupted.”

Just poking you with a very long and pointed stick. But really, you are totally, all the time, fully, in your face honest? Be honest with me! I don’t think I could be totally honest all the time with everyone I know and speak with. If nothing else, “Some people have tact, others tell the truth.”

My point (and I’m NOT slamming you [I’ve been told that’s not wise!], just having some fun while I make my point) is that I do express my problems to my friends and family. But I wouldn’t couch it in the same bald language I use here. I would use some tact to express the problem I was having. My major point with this thread is that it is nice to have a place where I can express my hates, fears, disillusionments, peeves, in a manner where I do not have to censor myself because someone I know and love might take offence at the way I word something. I hope you don’t take offence at how I’ve worded this!

Case in point. My sister is opposed to abortion on all fronts, even if her own life were in danger. I respect that. And she knows how I feel. It’s just nice to have a place I can discuss it without her getting into it and being upset by the very words I use to express myself.

Gosh, this sounds like I’m making my point more confused. I just want ONE place where I can literally say what I want without worrying about being jumped on. Does that make sense? I guess I’m honest to a point but would never hurt another with my honesty if I could avoid it by softening my words.

Okay, that’s my point. Some words truly do have the power to wound and wound deeply but you can soften the blow of your honesty. Does that make sense? Christ, I hope so. As a writer I know the power of words and I respect them. I work to keep my honesty in check with words that will not harm people I love.

Aw, poo, I think I need a hug or something.

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

My friend is totally closeted and his biggest fear is one day over the internet I may run across him. Don’t know what he is afraid of. He can’t be too bright he hasn’t figured out I’m on eBay and that uses your actual email address.


Who told you it wasn’t wise? There is conversation about me going on somewhere? I wanna hear it!

The only times I have ever censored myself in any significant way, it was either in a work situation (which is why i work for myself) or in deference to the feelings of someone I care about, i.e., with my future husband’s parents. For him, not them.

But even in those situations, I’m still pretty out there. I don’t hide, deny, pretend, or euphemize.

For instance, in your situation, the most I might do is avoid being the first to bring up the subject. I certianly wouldn’t deny what I believe if the subject were brought up by someone else just because my sister had her own feelings. Let her take responsibility for them.

I said it somewhere else around here: I don’t choose to hang around with anyone I would need to hide myself with. If people can’t take me for who I am, front and center, then obviously we shouldn’t be hanging around together, eh?

Interestingly, this thread is about people being able to be totally open with strangers while hoping the people in their real lives don’t see. I’m much more likely to be concerned about telling a bunch of strangers things about my personal life. Things I’m completely comfortable sharing with friends and family.

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

you win

Sto - that’s so short but I can’t get into it now. I’m sorry but my heart hurts too much and my head can’t keep pace. All I can say is I don’t want to hurt anyone right now, I hurt so deeply that I can only say, “give me some slack at the moment” Thanks


I didn’t know we were debating, I was jsut explaining.

I’m sorry you are hurting so much right now. I obviously have no idea what is going on with you, but having been in deep hurt myself quite recently, I can empathize. I hope whatever it is resolves itself or passes quickly.


He who laughs last thinks slowest.

I know Stoi already answered, but I’m going to answer as well: I pretty much am. I don’t hide anything about myself except my address & phone number, really. You want to know when I’m expecting my period? You want to know how I feel about [pick a topic]? You want to know how overweight I am? You want to know what I dreamed about last night? It’s all on my website. (Really. All of it. The site is up to 957 pages for crisssake!) Hell I even post my diary there. I agree with Stoi that anyone who is going to be offended/bothered/whatever by knowing who you REALLY are isnt’ someone you should worry about losing anyway.

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If I found out someone on this board knew me I think I’d die. I would be forced to immediately cease posting.

Well, I was brought to this board by a friend, and he immediately vanished from it. I’m kinda mad at that, cuz I know he’s a smart kid, and I’d love to hear his opinions on most of this stuff.