Don't you hate when you're in the bathtub and....

you have to take a dump! I had just settled in the tub when that feeling came on. I stepped out of the tub with soapy hair and a dripping body and got the toilet seat all wet and the floor too. What do u do in that situation if you’re lazy? Not wipe your ass? I wipe my ass, but I’m wondering about lazy people who think the tub will clean it. I want a bowel catheter because I’m too fat to wipe!


Much TMI :o

Certainly the ‘post you wish you’d never opened’ of the week

so sad…

Gee, and here I was thinking how much I hate it when I finally have enough time to relax in the tub (instead of doing the quick shower thing), and having the kids banging on the door because they need me for something.

Well, guess all I have to say about the OP is----EWWWW!

TMI in OP!!! Eep!! Heh heh heh…

Personally, it drives me nuts when I’ve spent ages getting the bath ready - there’s candles to light, bubbles to …er… bubble, nice bath oils to select when comfortable, a good back-scratcher to hand, soothing music and finally, a nice, hot cuppa tea perched on the side of the now-full steaming, hot bath… and what have I gone and done?
So… Swear. Hop out of bath. Knock tea INTO bath. Swear more. Slip on now-wet floor. Make mental note to by bath mat. Find soap. Get back into bath. Knock candle over…


I take a bath every morning (we don’t have a shower), so the thrill is definitely gone. I’m in and out in under 10.

Harlow, why don’t you make like Spencer Tracy and just take a dump right in the tub? He’s rumored to have done that while on his infamous benders.

Visions of Caddyshack floating in my head…

Bathturds. Yuck. Seen a few when bathing my kids before they were potty trained.

I hate it when I’m in the bathtub and the Creature from the Black Lagoon pops up and says “It’s too crowded in here.”

I don’t think we really need to discuss this topic.