Don't you touch my sister.

I am completely baffled as to why some people think they hold authority over children that aren’t their own. When my mother told me this story, I almost couldn’t believe that some people would be this rude.

My little sister (who is 8) and my mother were on a day-long shopping trip last Saturday. They left the house at 10am and at 5pm my sister was getting antsy and bored, as young children will.
“Mama, I want to go home now, I’m hungry and tired,” she said to my mother as they walked over to the elevator.
“Alright, but we’re going to have to stop at the supermarket so I can pick up some roast beef for dinner.” Mom responded as the elevator door opened.
“But Mom, I don’t like roast beef. Can we have something else too?” she said as a group exited the elevator, one of these people an appalled older woman. I guess she saw my sister’s comment as a horrible disrespect to my mother, because…

She reached over and slapped my sister. :mad:

The woman also said, “Don’t you DARE speak to your mother that way.” Fortunately for the woman, my sister had quickly scrambled away into the elevator and the doors had closed before my mother could get a hold of said woman. My little sister was really shaken up that a complete stranger struck her, and for no real reason.

Lady, where the holy HELL do you get off hitting a child that’s not yours? It isn’t like she was throwing a shitfit or doing anything disruptive, and even if she was, it’s NOT YOUR GOD DAMN PLACE TO DISCIPLINE, you moldy old cuntsucker. I hope to God that you never procreated, lest we have another generation of child-smacking, nosy ignorant assholes like you. I just don’t know what to say…I didn’t know someone would actually have the audacity to do something like this.

Un. Be. lievable. As much as other people’s kids annoy me at times, I could never conceive of the idea of yelling at them, let alone actually striking them! Some people are real fucktards, I tell you.

OH that’s totally uncalled for!!! Your poor little sister…:frowning:

That lady who slapped her probably (definitely) has some mental issues. I mean, your sister was not being disruptive in any way!

Totally unbelievable.

Hey. If I don’t get to slap my kids, total strangers sure as hell don’t.

It’s called “assault,” lady.

That is absolutely outrageous.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman in question were mentally ill. I remember working at a local mall during high school; there was a woman who was well-known to the mall workers and security because she would punch anyone who would cough or sneeze near her. She believed that because she had secret information about Englebert Humperdink, he was sending people to infect her with diseases.

I kid you not.

In any event, mentally ill or just unbeliveably rude, what she did was dangerous and ought to be reported to the police.

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I’ve been known to give other people’s misbehaving kids The Look. (My sister calls it The Teacher Look.) It’s often enough to shut them up.

But slap a child? Never. I wouldn’t even TOUCH someone else’s child without a very good reason.


You must live in the D.C. area. I know of Idele (sp?). I know the sneezing and coughing “fears” and her obsession with Englebert.

Once, the super in her building thought somebody had a dog since they kept finding feces in the trashroom. Nope, it was her. She would go in there and dump.


Yes, indeed - this was Tyson’s Corner Mall.

I had no idea she was so famous! :slight_smile:

Bricker, seriously? That was the mall that my mother and sister were at; we live in McLean.

A nutcase?! In the D.C. area?!

It couldn’t have been her. First, she is dead. Second, she smelled so bad you would have mentioned it. Third, she wouldn’t touch anybody else due to germs. Fourth, she is dead.

Ah, duly noted. :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure though, and found it interesting that the same mall that this happened at was brought up in a story containing a whole DIFFERENT nutcase in the very same thread.

Why didn’t your mother:

  1. press the door open button and confront the woman

  2. report the assault to the police

Just trying to get all of the facts to the ‘story’. I learned in creative writing that it’s all in the details.

Take it easy on the old broad. Someone just dropped a house on her sister.

(I got that line from the board but I don’t remember who said it.)

Jarbabyj, there was a large crush of people around my mother going into and out of the elevator. I don’t think my mother even knew it happened until they were walking out of the elevator and my sister brought it up. I said:

because if it had happened while my mother was still out of the elevator, and she had seen it, there would have been a problem. Perhaps I should have clarified that part. As for not reporting it, I have no idea why my mom didn’t–knowing her, she probably was too fazed by disbelief to do much of anything for a minute or two. But then again, I wasn’t there and all I have to go on are the fragments of the story as dictated to me by my mom.

very well.
good story.

Your sister’s only 8? Dang, can’t do the “But I like touching your sister joke” because that would be really disgus… oh wait, I guess I , ah nevermind.


I guess it doesn’t take a village, then.

:wink: For the humour-impaired, the winkey smiley indicates I’m only joking. I believe this is assault and wrong


Seriously, though, I wish I’d seen this woman do that. I hope she burns in hell for ever and ever and ever.


She’s lucky that there was no time for a maternal defense mechanism to kick in, methinks.