Why the hell not?? Who are you to say what I can and can’t do??

Don’t what?

You’re not the boss of me.

Oh yeah? Oh YEAH??

Okay, FINE. I WON’T. Neener neener neener!


goes and does it anyway

I already did. Twice. Is there a cure?

…tug on Superman’s cape. Don’t spit into the wind. Don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger and you DON’T mess around with Jim…

I like doing it twice and I can if I want to!!

I like red popsicles

You know, I wasn’t going to until you said that. Now I have to. See what you’ve done. Your contributing to my delinquiency by trying to impose your rules on me & forcing me to rebel.

Well thanks a lot. Now you’ve made me disappoint my mother.

Damn. That first one was supposed to be “you’re”. Now you’ve made me write a typo, correct it, & swear.

Oh, fine, damned if I do, and damned if I…


It wasn’t me.

::Bronx cheer:: Oh, yeah? Well, I wanna see the rule that says that! And then you’re gonna have to prove I did it, and explain your decision in detail, Buster, before you’ll convince me not to!


I already did.

Yesterday…and the day before. Sorry.

Whoever smelt it, dealt it. That’s the rule, Veb.

As my friend, Joella’s shoes say, “Why not?”

…ever confuse the French words “cone” and “con” in conversation. The former means “cone” (as in the ice-cream variety), and the latter means “asshole.” (Bad Haagen-Dazs karma, what can I say?)
…ask for a BB gun, you’re gonna shoot your eye out.
…feed the bears.
…taunt the posters back in the corner of the forum marked “Asylum” with any more blank questions!

Just kidding about that last one. We rather like those, as long as Nurse Ratchet doesn’t come in to bug us about answering them.

How do I know what I’m not supposed to do? If I don’t know what it is I’m not supposed to do how am I to avoid doing it and stay good? How can I stay good if I don’t get an explanation of the rules? And is it possible to prove I have done exactly what it is I’m not supposed to do when it seems you don’t know what it is we’re not supposed to do? If you don’t know what it is we’re not supposed to do how can you tell us not to do it when you may have done it already?

Your setting a bad example for the kids!

Hide them from the tyrranny!

Save them and us from un-needed oppression and confusion!

Tell us what it is we’re not supposed to do or don’t tell us and let us all go happily insane trying to figure it is what we are not supposed to do and trying to be good. Then let us die peacefully and find out what it is we are not supposed to do in the afterlife.

Bah actually I don’t care. goes to do whatever it is she’s not supposed to do just for the anarchy it will cause