Doom 3... is it awesome or what?

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome that game is, and I’m still putzing around with the first level. The earlier versions of Doom were good, but this doesn’t even compare. The graphics: phenomenal. The gameplay: even on the simple level it’s tough. The splatter effect: wow. Shooting them while they’re on the ground is the crowning touch, they just disintegrate.

It was worth every penny I paid for it. I don’t usually buy games (including the earlier versions, which I got from friends), but this was very much worth it. I also got Call of Duty and an expansion for that, and I’m looking forward to hitting those as well, but right now I’m a bit preoccupied with killing zombies.

I think my time here is going to decrease dramatically. I’d forgotten how absorbing a really good game could be, basically because I haven’t had the system to play any in years. Now that I do I’m going to be a bit busy. Well, back to pulverizing monsters into dust. See ya.

I have been so tempted to buy it, but the last FPS game I bought I was disappointed in. However, back in the day, Doom was the best thing going. Also, I’m not sure my hardware will support it.

I only started playing it few weeks ago, I didn’t have a card that could handle it until recently.

Yeah, it’s sweet.

Wait 'till you try Call of Duty. I have both, and Call of Duty is better. Yes, the graphics in Doom 3 are amazing, but the gameplay… bleh.

“Run around in the dark until something jumps out of the shadows at you. Try to kill it.”

Call of Duty is much more sophisticated, and for my money much more immersive as well.

Big word to what Sam wrote. Doom 3 looked great, but it was basically 10 hours of:

  1. Walk around corner.
  3. Walk through door.
  5. Pick up power up.

It became so predictable that when I played other FPSes, I was expecting the same nonsense and pleasantly surprised when I didn’t encounter it. Call of Duty and Half Life 2 are both light years ahead of Doom 3.

Love the engine though. I just hope someone makes a game with it (tm Penny Arcade).

I second what Slacker said. The appearance of the enemy is so predictable that it becomes less immersive after a while if that makes sense. You’re still on the first level so you’ll see what we’re talking about after a little more play.

Once your about a third of the way into and you start to anticipate every place a monster is going to generate you’ll see what I mean.

Not to mention it takes away from the suspension of disbielief. So I’m supposed to buy that they tapped into a doorway into hell that turned all of the personell into zombies, fine, I can buy that. What I can’t buy is all of those zombies immediately jumping into lockers and closets just waiting for the random passerby to come along.
Sorry, I’m a science fiction fan so I can believe the impossible, just not the improbable.

I think Doom3 is the closest id has come to making a real modern rails-FPS with a storyline, though it still doesn’t measure up to HL2 in terms of creative gameplay or plot. But it is a solid FPS with the best creepoid graphics in the biz. The hell levels, at least the first few bits, are incredibly cool. I just with there were more things like that in the game than “Delta Labs Section #465234

But I agree with Doors in that it’s really a sweet well made shooter. It’s just that the gameplay wears out after awhile, leaving less replayability. HL2 still wins hands down for best FPS in recent memory, with a close second for Far Cry and a more more distant third for Painkiller. (The Riddick game and Halo 2 are both supposed to be really good, but I haven’t played either and they at least started as console games)

I didn’t get very far in it 'cause I need a new video card to properly handle it but oh. my. god. Up until recently my ‘computer room’ was a 4x6 room with no windows and add in a nice set of AKG headphones and playing alone at 1am - well it scared the bejeezus out of me, I’ll say that. But I third JCorre and Slacker that it does get a little predictible with monster spawning.
But it still scared the bejeezus out of me! I won’t tell you what in particular scared me the most, I want you to piss your pants, too.

I recently played through the orignal for the first time(I know, I’m 10 years too late) so I’m curious, compared to the others, how is it?

Completed this game a while back in my never-ending quest to find an FPS of fantastic (i.e., not a realistic simulation) flavour as goshdarn good as Jedi Knight 2 & 3.

Doom 3 isn’t quite a full game, it’s more like a technology preview or a graphically souped up version of Serious Sam. If you’re at the beginning of the game right now, it will remain engaging and exciting for a while yet, but that novelty will wear off quickly once you realize that there is little in the way of story, and that reading reams of emails and listening to never-ending audio journals just to find stupid locker codes is a cop-out to real gameplay. There’s been better gameplay than that available for decades.

Hell is fun because of the visuals, but the hell levels seem ripped off from Oneiros in Undying. Gorgeously rendered as the environments are it is practically certain that you will tire of this game in the long run. My wife and I found that it was quite scary at first, but that sense of excitement faded when we realized how repetitive the game actually is.

I think that the Doom 3 engine might result in some good games in a year or so, but this particular title failed to live up to the expectations.

I love a good FPS – but why is it so hard to find a good one?

Oh, by the way, for Doom3, go to your favourite cheat database and jot down the GOD and ammo codes, and keep them handy. When you get to the arena with the Guardian you will need them. I found it impossible to “kill the seekers and the guardian becomes vulnerable”, because the guardian stomped on my marine long before I’d wiped out all the seekers – and you can’t do any damage to the guardian until you kill all the seekers (which respawn immediately and continuously, at least on my version).

I managed to enjoy it, but honestly it’s not a very good game. I don’t know how Id managed to miss what it was that made the originals so good, but they really did. Instead of being a fast paced bloodbath, they made a repetitive survival horror game with no plot.

If the game looked like it did but managed to play more like Painkiller, I think it would have been more accepted. As it is it kind of got forgotten by the gaming community.

This game is pure eye candy running in ultra mode on my system. The engine is a dream. But, OMG is it boring. It’s on rails, it’s totally predictable (just pick up a health pack and see what I mean), and there’s not a single new idea in the whole thing.

Abe, is right. It’s a showcase piece. Some day soon another game company will use this engine to make a great game. Id didn’t do it.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be buying the expansion pack when it comes out.

Check out Far Cry, Half-Life 2, or Halo 2. They are all superior in regards to plot and innovative gameplay.

Abso-fucking-lutely. Doom III was brilliant technologically but they put little into the monster patterns and locations so I got bored.

“Ooh! A supply cabinet that NOTHING could POSSIBLY hide inside! I think I’ll turn my back on it. AGH!!!”

CoD, on the other hand, is my early favorite for Game of the Decade. It is so damn good I almost built a time machine to sign up for WWII. That’s how good it is. I forced my editor to publish my complete kissy-kissy review of the full expansion set. He was like 'That’s sort of old…" and I was like 'Shut up. Who owns this damn pub anyway? Run the article, bitch."

Sometimes it’s good to be the big dog.

Gotta go with the overall feeling of this thread.

D3 was very impressive at first but that wore off as you kept playing.

CoD on the other hand is a great complete game. The expansion pack is equally fantastic. I really only play FPS nowadays and CoD and HL2 are by far and above the best I’ve played.

You’ve got a lot of fighting to do with D3 and CoD+pack to go through. See you in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of any more expansion packs coming for Call of Duty? I’ve finished the game and the “United Offensive” expansion pack. I sure wish there were more. It seems there’s a new expansion every week for Medal of Honor, but Call of Duty is better.

I believe Call of Duty was intended to be primarily a multiplayer game with a single player campaign attached. Note that the expansion wasn’t developed by the same company as the original.

No. And was I cheesed that ‘CoD: Finest Hour’ was only a console game. Urgh!

More CoD! It’s better than MoH!

Just checked GameSpot and found mention of a sequel!

Just stopped at Staples. Had to get other office supplies so I figured I’d buy one or the other of the games mentioned here. :frowning: Staples does not carry a good supply of games.