Door-Pounding Neighbors, Horn Blarers, and Dog-Poop Leavers

What I want to know is was he right? :slight_smile:

Too funny! With your fine rhetorical skills, I hope I never cross you in Great Debates.

I refer you to this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment! I don’t know, I was a little worried that things had progressed so far out of control that I actually said “out the car”. I mean, AT LEAST “outta da car”, in respect to my Chicago roots. Probably was doing a little neck-roll, too. Think the phrase “crusty-ass bitch” gets used much in GD?


Hey, thanks! Glad to see it CAN work out!

Excellent plans, both of them. I personally was leaning towards explosive weapons. Actually, I live in a restricted parking neighbourhood, so I am living for the day that he parks his truck overnight in the 2-hour zone. Bye-bye, Mr. Truck. Hope he doesn’t shell out the $65 to get his truck back (more than this heap is worth, I’m sure.)

tubagirl, Gundy, Rosebud thanks :slight_smile: Just curious.