Dope game with potential

I just had an idea for a game here. It’s based on Rebus, but modified for use in a text based environment.

The form of rebus where pictures replace words might include a picture of an ice cube, and a golfing tee. The answer would be either Ice T the gangsta rapper, or Iced Tea the drink. Usually it’s more specific, but that’s the first example that came to mind.

It could be in this format:

One of his nicknames is “Hova”, -J +L

The reference was to Jay Z, -J +L equals “lazy”.

For the purposes of this thread, letters added or subtracted will be limited to two, and only when next to each other. Guess the persons name, or guess the word that is derived from it.

I’ll start.

A slur describing Irish people, and a short bladed weapon -d, +j

Dirk… equals jerk? I can only get the first half.

You missed the first half.

The slur is Mick

Or not.

Not. Definitely.

Well, at least there were two people that replied.

Apparently, optic organ, what a vacuum does.


That was my lame attempt at humor while giving you bump. Don’t feel bad, I think I’ve had a thread that no one responded to… In MPSIMS, no less.


A fast-food jerky sandwich?

Lead singer of the Rolling Stones.

It was Mick Jagger. Dagger -d, +j = Jagger.

I liked McJerky better, and there, I bumped your thread.

Good luck.

Ooooh, I get it now.

The pathetic little struggle of this thread is almost to the point that it’s funny. It certainly doesn’t hurt having a few guys with senses of humor involved.

I can just see this as a thread that never really dies, yet completely fails in its original intent. It will certainly die before too long though.
(form of instant communication) + (something that can die) (textile used in sewing)!!!


IM +…plant…yarn?

I am plantyarn!!!

I win.

I’m pig linen?
Oooh, I like this game.
morning activity + piece of tree

Poop log?

Oh, OK. I’ll be the one to suggest a non-joke answer.

Immortal Thread.


Oh, I guess you said “sewing” and not “knitting”.


I lose.

Or. I am plantthread.

Walk the plank?

claps good answer. good answer.

This will be my answer as well.