Dope Members and Visitors: How Do You Use The Dope?

Do you just skim the posts, do you come in primarily to post, or do you settle in for a good read? (I do all three). :wink:

I know I wrote “Dopme” up there. I have asked for a correction.



Fixed it.

— Ellen

I wanted an all three option too…

I mostly read.

I suppose I’m looking for topics and threads to post in when I read, but unless the thread only has a few posts generally the same point I’d make has already been posted, so I’m relegated to the sidelines.

I (as y’all know by now) have shit for brains. I should have made that third option “I do both”. Maybe one of the mods can, uh, modify this? I will give it a try.


I just lurk. I never engage in discussion, although I occasionally post something that I find humorous.
Your millage may (and probably does) vary.


Closing at request of OP so he can start a new one.