Dope of the Dead

(Note: This information represents everything you, as U.S. citizens watching the news but not actively in the military, would know.)

The date is May 3rd, 2013.

Six months ago, a deadly flu hit areas of India and Pakistan. A team of doctors assembled by the United Nations was dispatched to treat and vaccinate the populace. Within a month, their efforts seemed to do their work: The plague ended as rapidly as it started. An unusually high number of the locals showed symptoms of the common cold, along with many of the United Nations relief force. However, repeated testing did not find any serious ailments, so the relief force members returned to their homes to receive international acclaim.

Five months ago, the governments of India and Pakistan were alarmed to discover that nearly eighty percent of the population had symptoms matching the common cold. Unlike a normal cold, however, this new disease did not go away after a few weeks; it lingered and lingered for months. Medical testing began while the rest of the world began watching their borders.

Four months and two weeks ago, most countries in Southeast Asia and the eastern part of the Middle East had similar outbreaks within their borders. China shut down its borders and imposed martial law at the first sign of outbreak while other countries kept calm. Smaller outbreaks started all around the Old World. A study by a U.N. appointed team revealed that most of these outbreaks were centered around cities where the earlier relief force members resided. At the same time, all contact with the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan, home of the original flu outbreak, ceased. India and Pakistan, both dealing with nearly 100% infection rates, requested international aid in the form of a U.N. Peacekeeping Force investigation.

Four months ago, nearly all of Asia suffered from 50% infection rates or greater. Massive riots broke out in Pakistan and India, both of whom instituted martial law. Nearly every country in the world had its own outbreaks now; many more followed China’s example and shut their borders. The Chinese government issued a statement saying that the disease was defeated within their own borders, and that a vaccine would be ready within two weeks.

Three months and two weeks ago, the Indian government lost all control of the country. Riots and rebels spread like wildfire, and in a shocking turn of event India detonated three nuclear weapons within its own cities to combat insurgents. In the chaos, a group of military officers who did not know about the plan to self nuke assumed that Pakistan attacked its long-standing enemy, and attacked Pakistan in return. After a short nuclear exchange, both countries were devastated. Meanwhile, in Europe, massive riots broke out in multiple countries. A small riot broke out in Sydney, Australia, but the government there managed to contain it and declared Australia’s sea and air ports to be closed. Communications with China ceased.

Three months ago, outbreaks of the disease showed up in South America. Europe was ravaged by both the plague and seemingly connected riots. England, whose geographic isolation had kept it relatively safe thus far, sank a Spanish ship filled with refugees. The British government issued a statement saying that this was a terrible, tragic accident, but Spain saw it as a deceleration of war. While Spain was too hurt by riots and disease to mount a full scale assault, they did retaliate by launching a number of conventional missiles along with a strategic air strike. The British armed forces successfully defended against this attack, and declared a State of Emergency and Martial Law. They warned that any attempt to land on British soil by any nation would be seen as a deceleration of war. The United States, like many other governments, declared a State of Emergency. The only news broadcasts were government controlled bulletins. The government announced that preparations for the plague’s spread into the U.S. were being made.

Two months ago and two weeks, nearly all countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa had collapsed. Very little was known about the disease in the safe areas of the United States, Canada, Australia, and Britain. The plague had spread relatively quickly through South America, although those countries managed to hold off against the riots and disease for a longer time, thanks to advanced warning. Riots ravaged the Australian coastline, and the government relocated to the center of the continent, building massively fortified refugee camps. The British Army began shooting infected individuals on sight. British soldiers in gas masks backed up by officials in hazmat suits became a common sight in most cities.

Two months ago, all communications with Australia suddenly ceased. The United States and Canada signed a formal alliance, allowing each to act within the borders of the other and enforcing cooperation between the two governments. All over the new alliance, refugee camps were being built: Massive fortifications, seemingly designed to keep an entire city’s population out. The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) began a massive campaign in both countries to ensure that the plague would not take its full toll. Soldiers in gas masks and officials in hazmat suits began frequenting both countries’ cities as well.

One month ago and three weeks, the South American governments began to collapse. All contact with Britain was lost. A massive concrete and barbed wire wall was unveiled on the border with Mexico; aircraft carriers and fleets of other ships began patrolling all along both coasts. The president and vice president, along with other government officials from both the U.S. and Canada, were evacuated to Hawaii, which became the capitol of the American Alliance.

One month and two weeks ago, the American Alliance lost touch with any outside government. A rioting mob of South American victims of the infection stormed the southern wall. A government leak told of the launching of nearly two hundred nuclear warheads on South American soil to “Destroy the Infected Population”. Said leak was executed for treason.

One month and one week ago, the A.A. government announced that the last “Infected Invaders” from South America were eliminated. Soldiers from that line returned to their homes. Too late, it was discovered that many of them had become infected. Their strain of the virus spread quicker than reported from the rest of the world.

Twenty eight days ago, dealing with 60% infection rates, the A.A. enforced mandatory evacuation for all non-infected individuals. Strike teams all over North America went from house, tested each individual for the infection using a new procedure involving the mixing of infected saliva with the test subject’s blood sample, evacuated the healthy, and killed the immune. They weren’t fast enough.

Twenty one days ago, massive riots broke out in various cities all over America. Those lucky enough to be evacuated to the containment facilities had no idea what was going on outside. Among the last to be evacuated from the city of Los Angeles were three people: Jordan Scott, Alvin Coolnax, and Maxwell Wright.

Fifteen days ago, the population of the Los Angeles City Containment Facility was informed that they were being transferred to a more permanent facility, a larger and safer fortified city in Alaska. Men and women would be tested for the infection and then loaded on to long-range helicopters, which were going to go from one containment facility to the next, refueling and restocking on the way, until they reached Alaska.

Ten days ago, the evacuation was nearly complete. Maxwell Wright, Alvin Coolnax, and Jordan Scott, along with Maxwell Wright’s family, were scheduled to depart on the last helicopter to leave Los Angeles before the facility was shut down. However, the test results were unexpected. The three of them, along with a fourth man, were taken away from their friends and family and brought underground, to a laboratory. They were put in a row of electronically locked glass cubicle cells, along with a few others who had been pulled away from their own flights.

Nine days ago, testing had begun. Blood, urine, and saliva samples were taken from the group; every so often a man in a hazmat suit brought them food. No one would talk to them, no matter what they did. Occasionally, one of the prisoners would be taken away. They never returned.

Eight days ago, this pattern continued.

Seven days ago, this pattern continued.

Six days ago, the fourth man suddenly began beating violently on the glass window of his cell. He beat on it with his fists, his feet, even his head. Blood splattered the bulletproof glass, but he did not relent. Finally, three men in gas masks carrying assault rifles opened the door and fired away. The man took almost twenty bullets before he stopped moving.

Five days ago, the pattern continued.

Four days ago, the pattern continued.

Three days ago, every worker in the facility disappeared.

Two days ago, no one showed up.

One day ago, all three people were hungry and thirsty from their long fast.

An hour ago, a woman in a neighboring cell managed to commit suicide.

Two minutes ago, the lights suddenly went out.

One minute ago, you realized that if the doors of your cells were electronically sealed, they might have clicked open when the power went out.

Ten seconds ago, you finally stumbled to the door in the dark and checked this theory.

Five seconds ago, you slid the glass door open.

Now, you are standing in a dark hallway, deep underground in the Los Angeles Containment Facility. Except for each other, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else around.

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A capital is a city (from the Latin word capitas, “head”). A capitol is a building (from the Capitoline Hill, seat of the Roman government).

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Wright calls out into the darkness, “Hello? Anyone there?”

"I am. I assume you’re one of the other two people who are still alive down here. Welcome to limbo. The good news is, whatever this plague thing is, we probably don’t have it. It seems to be transmitted via saliva, and I have a feeling that if we had any compromised contact with saliva since they took us, we would not be here at all. And I doubt we were compromised before they grabbed us, since we’re still here, unlike those they took away, some of whom I know for a fact failed the test because I watched our captors perform some of them. Hell, I’m probably the reason they managed to find a test in the first place, and they repay me by locking me down here. Fucking bureaucrats. The CDC can suck it for all I care. Name’s Jordan, by the way. I am, or at least was, a pathologist in her first year of residence. Now, I’m apparently a forgotten prisoner in a place that can’t even invest in some emergency lighting.

“Anyway, since we got nothing better to do while we grope for some exit out of this room, why don’t you two tell me a bit about yourselves.”

Jordan will find the nearest wall and start tracing the room with it, feeling for anything that feels like a door frame or an opening into someplace other than a cell.

“I’m here,” said Alvin. “We need to get out of here. I don’t know the way, but these fascilities are usually pretty simplistic. I’ll lead the way if you want to follow and if you don’t…well, I’m leaving no matter what.”

Alvin points to his left.

“Let’s go this way.”

You hear a soft hum as an emergency generator kicks in somewhere in the facility. The doors slam shut and a loud alarm is set off. A row of dim red lights warm up along the ceiling of the hallway, revealing row after row of cells. On one side, the hallway ends in a medical laboratory of some kind. On the other side, it leads to a metallic staircase leading up.

“What do you know? The bureaucrats actually did have a backup.”

“Anyway, we should probably see if that laboratory has any supplies before we head out of here. Watch out for any hostile infected, though. I’ve seen what the strongest ones can do to people. It’s not pretty, not to mention that their bite is likely what causes the plague to spread. So whatever you do, don’t let your blood come into contact with their saliva. Once we get in the lab, don’t touch anything unless I verify it’s safe. We don’t know what crazy things they were doing here.”

“Sounds good. Let’s get moving-- the facility losing power can’t be a good sign.”

“Gather anything you think could be a weapon. We have a fight ahead of us, I’m sure of it.”

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You don’t find much in the laboratory. Some medical supplies, a length of metal piping sturdy enough to use as a weapon, a thick and sturdy scapel. On the wall in the hallway just outside is a fire extinguisher case, the glass broken but the extinguished still in place. You also find a cabinet filled with canned food and bottled water, which looks like a feast fit for a king to your starved eyes.

Wright snags the pipe; if he’s learned anything in the last two months, it’s that being unarmed is a death sentence. He’ll also open a can or bag of food and start eating.

Jordan will grab up the medical supplies and add them to her existing stash. If any of those with her happen to notice she already has some medical supplies and starts to ask how she managed to have them when their captors pretty much confiscated everything, Jordan will shoot them a look that says ‘If you want to stay healthy, you won’t finish that sentence.’ If the look doesn’t work, she’ll vocalize it.

Seeing as it’s a lab, it probably has some form of portable storage (e.g. medical bags, satchels, etc.). She’ll grab one and fill it with as much medical supplies and food as she can. Assuming there are multiple, she’ll fill one for each of her fellow prisoners as well. Then consuming enough food to sate her for now, she’ll grab the scalpel.

“One of you might want to take the fire extinguisher as well since we don’t really have much along the lines of defensive gear. I’ll lug it around if you guys don’t want it, because we might have to put out a few fires, but understand, combat’s not really my area of expertise. I spend all day with centrifuges and microscopes. Regardless, we should probably get going. I don’t want to spend anymore time in this place than I already have.”

You find enough bags and supplies to give each one of you a simple emergency kit consisting of bandages, disinfectants, and some food and water. Jordan keeps a bottle of about five doses of morphine and a needle in her bag.

"Wright, you better know how to use that pipe. If anyone is good at fighting around here, it’s me and I hate to see even a shit weapon go to waste in the hands of some fool that doesn’t know how to use it.

I’ll take the fire extinguisher, either to use as a weapon or to put out fires. Now, let’s go up the stairs. Wright, since you took our primary weapon at this point, you go first. Unless you’d prefer to hand me the pipe and let me lead the way."

Alvin looks at Wright, waiting for a response.

“Look, buddy, the pipe is under control. I know what I’m doing. I’ll lead. But before we go, is there anything else at all that you’d rather use as a weapon?” Wright casts around the room for anything-- chair legs, maybe?

The chirs in this room are made of plastic, and their are too light to be used as a weapon. There is a metal table, but it’s bolted to the floor. Breaking it would take a few minutes and make a lot of noise.

Alvin is holding the fire extinguisher in front of him, ready to swing it as a weapon if necessary.

“Let’s go. Wright is first, followed by me, and Jordan goes behind me.”

Wright moves toward the exit, pipe up and ready to swing.