Fear the Walking Dead: 1.04 "Not Fade Away" (open spoilers)

So any guesses as how badly the cavalry messes up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Junkie kid needs to die!

Stealing meds from a terminally ill patient, hope the junkie OD’s on the morphine, turns, and is put down by the soldiers

Well he’s being sent to “the Hospital” for treatment. Given how desperate the doctor was for a student nurse I think the authorities are at least attempting to provide medical treatment (as opposed to euthanizing everyone on arrival), but it still doesn’t look good for him or Griselda. Then again Grady Memorial demonstrated it’s possible to have a functioning hospital once you get the right protocols in place. I’m more worried about Alicia though, that weird religious note of her’s sue sounds like she’s going to attempt suicide.

I know there wasn’t an episode over the Labor Day weekend but it felt like I had missed one.

So will that be Chekhov’s Tattoo? Somehow she’ll die, or her head blown off and the only way to identify her will be the fugly heart.

The suicide note was from the next-door lady to her husband. The neighbour that ended up shot by the troops as her husband attempted to hug her. Alicia was reading it, not writing it.

I like the way the episode ended. When I first heard it, I thought Fear the Walking Dead was a dumb title, but Daniel explained it. It isn’t about how zombies destroyed civilization, it’s about how they wounded it, and fear of zombies killed it.

The zombies represent something which advanced civilization is simply not prepared to deal with. By the time the authorities figure it out, it is too late. Only survivalists who define their own autonomy can survive in this world- top-down authority just doesn’t survive.

The imposed police state lacks legitimacy- everyone suspects that the zombie apocalypse is the result of some government experiment gone wrong, and if they were really protecting us, we wouldn’t be in such a circumstance in the first place.

OMG, that mother is just too stupid to live.

I didn’t care for this episode that much. The government grunts don’t interest me much. But I really liked the very end, with the father finally seeing the signal from the DZ for himself…with bonus muzzle flash! heh.

Wasn’t Woodbury one of these safe zones where the civilians over threw the tyrannical military somehow, maybe after they deployed on a mission and some went AWOL?

I could swear the Guvna explained this, he was basically where Travis is now.
Where the hell did Ophelia get IV drip grade morphine from, in the scene where the female doctor goes this drug choice was unorthodox for taking pressure off his heart and then gets her to admit she is not a real medical professional? :confused: I need to administer a highly controlled narcotic for nonsense reasons, I bet everyone has some laying around I mean whut!

EDIT:The mom is either insane, or there is a hell of a reveal coming like she is a former 007 type spy or something or her actions are nonsensical.

Bah oh yea forgot to say Mrs Salazar had no choice really but to go, seems they are going with her leg was crushed and crush wounds on extremities don’t heal because the vasculature and tissue is destroyed. Even if they had a cache of antibiotics that would just hold off the inevitable which is the foot going gangrenous and killing her through sepsis, she basically has a dead foot attached to her body that has to come off. So why did they let the other wife go with her terminally ill husband?

No clue why they took Nick, guessing they want experimental subjects or something, heroin WD isn’t a medical emergency and he is no risk. Much less in a national emergency they aren’t wasting a bed on a healthy young guy. So if they want subjects why not let Mr Salazar come?

If the military is shooting civilians in the street, why keep the ones in the safe zone at all?

Oh and those who said the old woman committed suicide via pills come down for your prize, this episode confirms she did it because she was a religious nut. But isn’t suicide a sin? Yea…
I wonder if this show is best consumed a season at a time.

This encapsulates my reaction nicely. I didn’t hate this episode, but when they opened with “it’s been nine days…” I was really disappointed. This show gets away with not having any walkers by purporting to be a consideration of how people react to society collapsing during the start of the ZA.

They essentially skipped over one of the more fundamental periods of that collapse. Society apparently has already collapsed, and the audience has been in a nine day coma.

Beyond that, the show was just kind of confusing about what is going on. As **grude ** pointed out, it doesn’t make much sense to just select a small group of people and exterminate the rest. Moving from where we are at to a fascist state could be one narrative path, but it doesn’t really feel realistic given a starting point of our current reality and just 9 days. If that’s the way you want to take things, fine, but it’s not a yada yada yada kind of situation. You can’t just skip over step 2 and have me buy in at step 3.

Also, what is up with this show and driving golf balls? Is this the only way they can imagine to convey a detatched and lunatic tyrannical leadership?

I liked it. I think the segue from the end of last episode (when the military showed up) to the beginning of this one was just fine. The 9 day lapse tells us that the residents are getting back to “normal”-- swimming in the pool, going for a morning run, etc. Everyone is falling into their coping strategies.

Was the survivor in the building flashing an SOS? I only saw what seemed to be the first “S”.

So they basically skipped what we all wanted to see, and went straight to TWD territory already. Nice!

Based on the memo the CDC sent to hospitals in the pilot, that terminally ill guy in the bedroom needed to be out of there and I am sure the soldiers know about the memo, but the characters don’t.

Why did the ex-wife go from super suspicious, to ratting out the junkie son in like 5 minutes?! There is no way in hell the government has time to worry about providing the son with methadone more than a week after he got cut off, he would be past withdrawal for the most part. Still can’t figure out why they rejected Mr Salazar but let the healthy wife go.

All I can think is the safe zone is intended to be a corral of healthy research subjects to study reanimation which is why it was set up, so the US military only took 2-3 days to go full on Mengele and summary execution of all civilians in a major metro area. Are you kidding me?!

Don’t be hasty, young orc! :wink:

There are two more episodes left. I’m willing to see how this whole thing plays out before saying we missed anything. Remember, we’re supposed to see this only from the POV of the main characters. We only know what they know, and it’s pretty clear they don’t know much. Yet.

I despise redundancy, but they think it is cool. :slight_smile:

I thought this was the best episode of the season so far. We finally get to see some reality sinking in about the ZA. Salazar’s scene about fishing as a boy was chilling, and when he said “they do evil out of fear” that’s when it clicked for me. That’s why the show is called “Fear the Walking Dead.” Once again we’ve learned that the true danger is the people who aren’t infected.

…and now it looks as though it might be sinking in with Travis as well? He told Moyers about the signal lights Chris saw, and when Travis goes to see for himself, he sees gunfire, so I’m assuming the military went out there to kill everyone they found alive, whether infected or not. Madison saw corpses in the street that were not infected, so she must know now that the military is responsible.

The military is thinning the herd. The weak, sick and elderly must go…

I dunno. I expect that the soldiers are “only following orders,” from someone at the offsite medical facility we heard about this episode.

I was pleased to see a notable lack of stupidity this episode. No more leaving doors open for the zombies, no more wandering around in junkie churches in the middle of the night. Not sure cutting the chainlink and slipping out to see LA in all its dead glory was the smartest move, but it lacked the braindead idiocy of previous character actions.

The one guy we saw who got kilt without being infected had a gun lying next to him. Seems to me he tried to argue a point of order with the soldiers and lost the debate. Others could well have been zombified, and shot after the fact. That, and the fact that all the corpses we see are fresh enough that you can’t really tell if they were Walkers before they died or not.

My only real gripe about the episode is that I think we overplayed the oblivious stupid evil of Golf Playing Commander. In the world in which I live, no sane officer is going to tell civilians “behave so I don’t have to shoot you.” And in the golf scene, he could not have been clearer with “Buddy, I don’t give two tugs of a zombie’s winkle about you, your family, your neighbors, or your entire world, now go away and let me drive golf balls,” without saying it out loud. We have established that Travis ain’t real sharp about what’s going on, but I’d like to think this may change his mind.

I’m thinking that the military has established Safe Zones, where the civilian population is uninfected… and UnSafe Zones, in which there is infection, and we are simply assuming that all civilians are either zombified or infected, and that the soldiers are enabling a “shoot on sight” protocol. And that Travis is now aware that his trust and stupidity have gotten some poor bastard killed simply for signaling for help. Be fun to see how this develops next week.

Daughter has established her love for her dead boyfriend. Can we finish the season without seein’ what happened to him? Deathly curious.

I find it interesting that the LEAST interesting part of the whole episode is when our main characters are hoinkin’ in the garage. Didn’t see that coming. So to speak.

Seems a foregone conclusion that at some point, the Army is going to bug out, leaving our neighborhood and its inhabitants to fend for themselves. Will this be our season finale? And what will happen to our absconded cast members? Will we find out by season’s end?

Yeah, this is starting to become a show I could watch regularly. Not perfect, yet, but this episode, I didn’t want to kick myself for wasting a Sunday evening, at least.

You would think US soldiers would have major issues with an order to assume every civilians is infected and shoot on sight, even those not hissing and advancing after center of gravity shots. I mean I am the single most paranoid of government and cynical guy I know without descending into nuttery about FEMA death camp crap but to assume a large amount of soldiers would go along with this 2-3 days after zombies become public info strikes me as like North Korea propaganda level stuff.

Too fast.