Fear the Walking Dead: 2nd season finale (open spoilers)

It’s not a true 2 hour episode; AMC is just airing the last 2 episodes of the season (Wrath & North) at the same time.

Alycia Debnam-Carey, Mercedes Mason, & a surprise cast member are on Talking Dead tonight.

I’m most like Nick and survived this episode. And apparently someone is still guarding the border. :smack: This was a mistaken for zombies situation either (well, maybe it was at first, but it quickly became obvious the militia realized these were people).

It was a fairly entertaining episode. I’m glad that the Chris storyline has ended (the way I was suspecting it was going to end). Travis has had his violent cathartic moment with the “bromigos”, and now has joined the post-apocalyptic world in earnest.

I was disappointed that Trask didn’t join Travis and his family in exile from the hotel, though.

Mrs. L.A. has pretty much lost interest in the series because both Travis and Madison dealt with teenagers every day before the ZA, and yet they were remarkably bad at dealing with teenagers afterward. She says they should know the stages of psychological development. I think she has a valid point, though things are different with your own kids (I presume to know). Still, Travis should have been able to communicate persuasively with the Bromigos. Mrs. L.A. thinks Travis should have acted like a parent, and laid down the law to Chris. She also thinks Nick isn’t acting like an addict (from her personal knowledge of addicts). ‘It’s just a TV show’ wasn’t enough to keep her interest. She has no tolerance for ‘bratty kids’. So there’s some background.

Travis has had trouble adjusting to the new reality. Chris was right that things are different now. (Of course, Chris went too far in the other direction.) A couple of episodes when one of the Bromigos told Travis ‘You don’t have the balls to shoot me!’, I thought, ‘Well, that sounds like an invitation and consent.’ Of course I don’t know what I’d do in the situation, but I might have just popped him. New reality, an’ shite.

So it was very satisfying to see Travis pummel the two Bromigos to death. Maybe now he’ll understand that you don’t get a medal just for participating; you have to win. And Madison sounds like she’ll help him in the transition.

Chris? Too bad for him. He had been an unruly teenager, and very annoying, for some time. I expected his story line would be that he disappeared for a while, and then come to the rescue sometime in the future. Perhaps he would be a bad guy, but he’d survive. That he didn’t makes perfect sense. Too bad for him, but as Mrs. L.A. (who didn’t watch the episodes) likes to say, ‘Actions have consequences.’

The teens did not have firearms beforwards.

Remember, I’m from L.A. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell, you already have zombies.

What bothers me about this show (and to a certain extent, the original) is that the walkers don’t seem dangerous at all and hordes of them are easily defeated by a few scrappy individuals. That is, only when necessary to advance the plot–the stars can escape from impossible situations, but if someone needs a good killing, they are bitten by a walker that appears out of nowhere.

How did the undead defeat all of the powerful militaries in the world when all that is needed is to cover up in walker blood and guts?

And again, I thought this show would focus on the official response–what is the President doing? What is Europe doing? I did not want just another show where a scrappy band of regular people fight off the apocolypse in their own corner of the world.

Poetic license.
Willing suspension of disbelief.
It is a comic book.

I’ve not commented until now because I’m tired of my own continuing complaints. And I suspect I’m not alone in that. :wink: But now I’m sitting here watching the damn hurricane “spaghetti tracks” converging over my house and knowing the next few days are gonna suck. More shutters go up tomorrow, get some gas, test the generators…

So at the moment, a little diversion.

The, shall we say inconsistency of the threat of zombie personal attack always grates against my enjoyment of the show. It makes it too easy to create – and dispel – plot tension without rigorous writing. But I can deal.

More annoying is the failure to make Fear at all different from the original. I too thought we were promised a program that would fill in the “big gap” time period at the beginning of the ZA. The time from first infection to societal collapse. But alas, we had only the briefest taste of those times before we were fully advanced into “the new reality”. And I’m bored with this new reality, mostly because I just can’t work up much empathy for the characters. I just don’t care about them!

Oh well, I’ve bitched again. I suppose I could just stop watching, and shut myself up. But hope springs eternal! Now back to National Weather Service.

It’s a damn comic book.

The comic guy and the TV writers admit, or brag, that they have no idea what happened.

Oh, the disappointment! They toy with my sensibilities! I am crushed. <grin>

Wandering aimlessly around the darkened tomb that is Mount Weather with the other VIP zombies. Meanwhile in England as Her Majesty finally passed away King Charles III quickly wend from sadness to joy that at long last he’s finally king; only for his undead mother to promptly rise from her deathbed and bite him in the neck. I also picture a not quite moving right Pontiff seen only from lumbering about the Vatican while hysterical clerics and Swiss Guardsmen can do nothing but flee and cross themselves in terror.

alphaboi867, I like your ideas and want to subscribe to your comic book!

alphaboi867 - Your plot ideas are excellent and far too good for the Walking Dead franchise. I think you need to pitch to the House of Cards people, Designated Survivor or perhaps even Veep for a cross-over pilot.

I enjoyed the finale. In fact, the whole second half of the second season was well done, in my opinion. It was satisfying to see Travis go full Rick Grimes with enough provocation. It was inspiring to see Nick leading the Colonia to the promised land, only to find there are still many Americans who don’t take kindly to immigrants. Even Chris’s death was handled with a certain sensitivity, despite the lack of compassion generally for his character. It’s not quite got the impact of TWD, but considering the lack of comic book source material, they’ve done well.
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That’s good zombie fiction. They’re a plot device, the real conflict is with other people. Goes all the way back to an obscure film you might not have heard of called Night of the Living Dead, where the horde of zombies breaking in was a bit of a problem, but one they could if dealt with if dick in the basement could have gotten along with Ben instead of the two of them constantly butting heads.

That’s literally what the first season of Fear was all about.

The TV writers, and the comic book guy, do not know what causes the zombie virus, so all they can do is show things that happened at the beginning of world wide infection. They cannot explain the cause.

I was never expecting Fear to reveal the cause of the zombie apocalypse, but we didn’t really get to see how things when to shit so fast at the beginning of world wide infection either. Apparently the most interesting events in season 1 took place off-screen during the 3 week gap between episodes 3 & 4. We didn’t even get much of anything in the way of TV news programs playing in the background about the rest of the world (contrast this with The Strain).

Right. The difficulty lies with scaling this up a local disaster to the End of the World as We Know it. Which Romero did in his later films, but even we always followed a small group of characters. When he did show a functioning society in Land of the Dead all kinds of bizarre plot holes showed up (like Kaufman trying to flee the city with bags of money).