Fear the Walking Dead: 2.07 "Shiva" (open spoilers)

It’s the mid-season finale tonight; Gale Anne Hurd, Cliff Curtis and two surprise cast members are on Talking Dead (which is airing @ 11:30 due to the premiere of Preacher.) For greater clarity the open spoilers warning includes everything that airs on Talking Dead; including any previews.

I’m too confused to vote for any of them. How did the entire complex end up burning down? I understand that the old man was likely crazy/poisoned/dying, but he didn’t have enough gasoline to burn the whole joint down.

Jorah and Daario oiled the place down beforehand so the whole thing would go up in a fireball.

Wait, what?

Chris must die. That is all.

This was directed too stylized to be fully effective. I get what they were going for but it didn’t work for me.

I have no idea where they are going with Chris. Holding a child hostage is hard to come back from. That makes it interesting. I wonder if this is meant to be an origin story for a Governor type character.

So the cliffhanger is that their supposed sanctuary has gone first nuts then up in flames. OK, I can accept that as a reasonable plot device.

I also can accept Ofelia being bonkers about the dead/alive status of her extended family. I think her “they’re the next step in evolution” interpretation is pretty extreme, and perhaps “someday there will be a cure” should be the commoner rationalization, but hey, to each their own derangement, eh?

But I’m not so happy with Daniel seeing ghosts and going nuts. Why Daniel? What demons was he suddenly unable to carry, after holding them close for so many years? Did I miss something? And so one of the actually interesting characters is killed off.

Meantime we’re left with Travis and Chris. If my teen son was having a severe psychological breakdown over the loss of his mother and the end of society as he knows it, I would sure be understanding. But however empathetic I felt, and however much I wanted to help him, I don’t think I’d have followed him into a howling wilderness filled with monsters while I was wearing borrowed shoes on my bloody feet and had nothing to support, sustain, or protect us except a crappy kitchen knife and maybe a pistol with a few rounds in it, if they went back and recovered it from the peasant’s cabin. And that, while leaving the love of my late life to the mercies of the clearly deranged Ofelia. I’m sure the plot device was intended to produce tension over the scattering of our merry band, but it just doesn’t have the ring of truth to it.

Perhaps those casks in the wine cellar were actually full of brandy?

Ofelia is Daniel’s daughter. The crazy housekeeper lady was Celia.

On the AMC site for the show, it says Returns August 21, so it looks like it will lead into the return of the main series in October.

Reminded me a lot of the evacuation of Herschel’s farm. Some characters scattered, some piled into a pickup truck. I guess if it worked once.

Oops! My bad. I can never remember the names of all these people I really don’t care about. I should have opened IMDb and checked. Thanks for the correction!

i still can’t remember the names of some of the people in* The Walking Dead* that I do care about!

The same script with the names and places changed.

John, I don’t know about you, but me, I blame an accumulation of birthdays. :smiley: Not suggesting that I’m in a hurry for the alternative! Just noting that there is a cost. :wink:

Maybe being tied to a chair wigged him (the rest of the way) out? He knew what happens when you get tied to a chair.

Loved seeing Celia locked in the cellar - You like 'em" You hang with 'em! Shame about the wine. I don’t see why he needed to burn himself up, just drop a can of gas down the dog chute and add flame.

So is Nick the Junkie going to be the new Celia in terms of heading the zombie version of PETA?

There were agave growing on the grounds, so the casks might have been full of tequila.

In a world without any zombie fiction there would be a lot of Herschels & Ofelias, and somehow the same governments that collapsed virtually overnight managed to someone keep a lid on the whole “dead bodies coming back to life to devour the living” thing right up until. Nope, not even going to bother. There’s just too many holes in the show’s worldbuilding.

Oh, I totally agree about the farcical writing in this turkey! I just thought that there might be a (relative) lot of people believing that a cure could be found, thus justifying keeping “those things” around. So I don’t find the Herschels and the Celias (not Ofelia, I stand corrected) to be unrealistic. I find almost everything else to be unbelievable.

Daniel was a torturer for the El Salvador army before fleeing to the United States, hence his demons. This was explained in Season One and why he was such a badass.

I enjoy the series, though this wasn’t exactly a series ending home run. Nick is clearly the best character on the show. I wish someone would put a bullet to Chris’s head.