Dopefest - Schuylkill Haven, PA

Aaahhhh-nouncing! Schuylkill Dope!

Yes, folks, not content with the plethora of events already on the busy Doper’s calendar, boggette and I are adding one more because, really, there can’t be too many Dopefests.

When: Saturday, September 15 (because Gettysdope got rescheduled for October)
Where: Schuylkill Haven, PA
What: Food, music, chit-chat, childers, camping . . .

boggette and her husband live in the muddle of approximately 10 acres of mostly wooded land in Schuylkill Haven, PA. They have a bar-b-que grill and know how to use it. They have a nice large deck and a fair bit of open land around the house. They’d like to have a party.

We’re Dopers, and we are so, so there.

They’re providing hamburgers and hotdogs but, like Gettysdope, would appreciate a potluck bringing of other foods and beverages. There are fridges, freezers, and cooking appliances for those who would like to bring foods that need to be kept cool or need to be warmed up.

There is a limited amount of floor space available for those who’d like to stay over indoors, and plenty of open ground for those who’d like to stay over outdoors (bring your own tent).

The house is pretty child-proof, and there’s a fenced-in area for the younger Dopers that includes a small sandbox and other kid-friendly activities.

Please let us know:

[list=a][li]If you’re coming[/li][li]How many of you to expect[/li][li]What you’re bringing for the potluck[/li][li]whether you’d like to stay the night (and indoors or outdoors)[/list][/li]
Directions will be posted later or e-mailed on request.
Come join us!

One bump, as allowed.

Additional note: this is not restricted to Dopers. There will be a fair number of non-Board members attending. And while I have to confirm it still, we may get friendly ex-Doper DaveW0071 and his lovely bride.

danceswithcats and I will be there.
We’re tossing around ideas about what to bring - some appetizer-type ideas.

Looking forward to it! :cool:

It looks like an awfully long haul for one day, with the kids. Reply hazy, ask again later.

Woo hoo! I’m trying to get Bog to make some of his famous ribs, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s crash space available. If you ask fast enough, there’s even a trailer . . .

Woo hoo, ribs!

It would probably be a good idea to post a link to a map showing where Schuylkill Haven is. Even those of us who live within, say, 250 miles of Schuylkill Haven probably have no idea where it’s at. This isn’t for directions, just for figuring out how many hours it would take to drive there.

2 hours, 16 minutes from my house. In Parkville, MD, for those who don’t know.

Ask and ye shall receive . . .

Google Map Link

the Google map isn’t working for me.

I’m interested but still have no idea where SH is or how to get there.

Go to:

and enter “17972-8969”.

When I look at the map, all I get is a green arrow in the midst of greyness.

Something isn’t working right on your computer. I’m not sure if trying any other map websites would help. Why don’t you Google on “map” and see if any of the other standard map websites work better for your computer? If they don’t, you’re apparently going to be stuck using a standard map. (You know, on paper. You remember paper?)

Wikipedia, of all things, helped me out. It’s entry on SH shows where in PA it is. It’s on the other side of Montgomery and another county. I’m guessing SEPTA can’t take me there and that I need a ride.

Schuylkill Haven is half way between Harrisburg and Allentown off Route 78. It’s convenient to Routes 78, 81, and 61. My house is off of Route 183 and only ~10 miles from exit 19 off route 78. We’re two exits past the brandy new Cabelas, for those who know where that is.

The nearest town some people know is Pottsville (not Pottstown).

Hope this helped!

What time are guests expected?
We’re bringing an artichoke-spinach dip and crackers.

Looking forward to it!

Excellent. We’re expecting people to start showing up around 1:00. If you’d like to get put to work, come earlier. :smiley:

Bog’s got the volleyball court all set up, the horseshoe pits freshly dug, and I pick up a cake tomorrow at noon. The secondary fridge is running and ready!