Attention VA, MD, DC, and PA Dopers! Gettysdope this Saturday!

This thread is to alert those who may not know about the upcoming DopeFest, the fifth annual Gettysdope, scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 27! The thread is here. It’s at a park in Gettysburg, PA, which is an easy drive from anywhere in the Washington, DC/Baltimore metropolitan area. We have a picnic pavillion reserved at The Gettysburg Area Recreation Park. It’s basically a potluck picnic, and is kid-friendly! The start time is flexible, with people arriving as early as 9 am, but most people arriving around noon or 1 p.m. I hope this thread gets a few more people to come who might otherwise not have clicked on the original thread.

Though I’m very active in the other thread, I’m going to post here in hopes of keeping this thread near the top and visible.

I’ve been to every single Gettysdope, guys, and it’s lots of fun!

Oh, one thing: though alcohol normally flows freely at DopeFests, the park has a “no alcohol” rule. That doesn’t mean the drinking doesn’t happen, but it’s discreet. :wink:

Just a bump, hopefully we can get a few more people to come!