Doper Acquaintances You'd Like to Make

Online, that is. And you’ve been really too shy to send them a PM or make yourself noticable in any other way. So now’s your chance to spill. Anybody got one / some ? I have at least one in mind, but I’m not gonna go first!! Quick, someone else be the sacrificial lamb for me. Then I swear I’ll follow suit. Really!

:cool: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Olivesmarch4th. She is so amazingly positive that I often find myself IRL thinking, “How would Olives react to this?” and then basing my response on that. I’ve certainly said fewer mean things since I’ve started!

Auntie Pam and Aunt Pam are two that I often get confused but I’m pretty sure both have said pretty awesome things over the years. I’m pretty sure one of you likes Stephen King, though, and that’s the one that I talked to a bit in the past, when I was Zoggie. So I guess this is more of a re-acquaintance…

Forget online. My wife and I get together with two other couples almost every Friday night and sample wines we’ve bought here, there, and everywhere. We often talk about a “fourth couple” we’d like to invite. Here’s my list of Dopers (plus SO’s, of course) I’d like to invite:
Skald the Rhymer

I would list Oakminster, except that I think he’s more of a microbrew guy.

That’s why I had a bracelet made with the indelible engraving “WWOM4D?” I’ll vouch for its efficacy. It also glows blue around Orcs.

I’d wanna eat some nachos with Inigo Montoya… but, maybe it’s best that I don’t.

Also, Ellen Cherry… She’s a cool cat, and she knows it.

You should just do it! That’s what PMs are for. I would think if the person didn’t want to get them, they’d disable them. Right? Right!

Ah, but I really was too shy. :o That is, until you guys have given me courage. So, the person I’ve seen around the boards that I’ve been most impressed by and would like to make their acquaintance is… RoOsh. < blushes > I’ve known, sorta, about him since my ill-fated Mafia stint and have since thought him to be a really sincere, interesting and insightful poster. But to just send an unsolicited bit of correspondence? < kicks toe in dirt > Well, he might’ve thought I was some sort of freak stalker or something.

Now he can just think so publically! :smiley:

And to everyone else that’s been mentioned thus far; if those folks aren’t prompted to this thread, nor find it via a vanity search, perhaps we all should collectively promise to attempt PMs. Pinky swear any of you guys? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone. Really, anyone who would like to have me as a friend is welcome to pm me anytime. All my good friends in real life live in different parts of the country now, and I never get to see them much anymore. I’m always looking for new friends to talk to online.

I already occasionally corespond with one doper, and the only other person I’ve sent a pm to apparently didn’t want to talk to me.

Did I mention today’s my birthday? :frowning:

Ah Justin, then let me wish you a Happy Birthday! Obviously I’d love to have a friend in the state that put our current President-Elect on the path to glory. :smiley: Plus, I think you’ve got a pretty cool username to boot.

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Anyone, really, to stop me being more of a lonely old grump than I already am!

Belated happies, Justin!

Ermmm. Well I’ve always liked ScareyFaerie. So ~Hi~

I’d like to be able to meet most dopers someday. There are a few who don’t strike me as people I’d like to hang out with but for the most part dopers are awesome!

Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I put my yahoo and icq info on my page if anyone uses those and wants to add me on there.

Lessee… Dopers I’d like to meet? Here is only part of my list.

pbbth, WormTheRed, Skald the Rhymer, Nzinga, Seated, auRa, What Exit?, cmyk, MacTech, olivesmarch4th, Maastricht, TokyoPlayer

Oh, wait. You meant ‘acquaintances one would like to make’. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’d like to go over the Tolkien Collectionat Marquette University with either Qadgop or WhatExit? - I came close last time I was in Milwaukee.

I wouldn’t mind getting together and talking politics with Dio, Shodan, RTfirefly, Shayna, John Mace, xtisme for a colorful mix of views and commentary.

I’d like to talk Green Energy with WhatExit, Twickster, AuntiePam, and others.

Some reason I walways thought a good cup of coffee at a coffee shop with **Coldfire, Silenus or czarcasm ** would be fun.

Who doesn’t wish to meet the illustrious Olivesmarch4th? She is one of the most uplifting souls on this board.

I have always had a huge online crush with Nzinga Seated… but I’m pretty sure she already knows that.

I could write a much longer list of dudes and dames I’d love to sit with, but if I make a list I’m bound to leave some out. So I’ll just stick with just revealing my secret guilty pleasure.

Pretty much all that have been listed and Sampiro of course.

Funny you should mention that… I have a couple that are nothing more than crush-type acquaintances. You know, you see a picture of a lady taking out the garbage, or doing a handstand, and you think “Damn, cute, domestic and fun”

Just sayin’.

Also Kytheria, because she sounds like a hoot. Inigo and I one day are going to talk world peace and how to disrupt it.

Sampiro, I’m addicted to his posts. Some of the best are on MySpace, not even here.

Tuba Diva, because a lot of the time when people here perceive an attitude from her, in my head I defend what she said or how she said it. In my job, I get an awful lot of repetitive questions, and once in a while, my answer involves some sarcasm, or impatience. Problem is, sarcasm and impatience sound like you’re being a jerk a lot of the time if you can’t hear the voice talking. I get the genuine feeling we’d be the ones you see sitting at the bar alternately agreeing or fighting and when it’s over, figuring out whose turn it is to grab the bill this time.

Qagdop, just because.

Swampbear so he could invite me over to one of his parties by the pool, munching on cheese sticks, barbeque and beer. Hopping into the pool later and waking up to the sun not remembering how I got there.