Doper coffee mug exchange

Anyone interested? If so, email me and I’ll put you on the list. Send username, email address at which I can contact you, and name and address for mailing.

Each person on the list will be randomly assigned another person on the list to whom they should send a coffee mug.

If you are in the U.S. and are willing to ship out of country, please state so. Likewise, if you are non-U.S. but are willing to ship to the U.S., please state so. I’ll try to match up these requests.

Deadline: November 6

  1. laina_f
  2. congodwarfgod
  3. chique

I’ll bite. Should I assume my recipient will want a Philly souvenir?

I didn’t make any rules about the mugs because I didn’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity. Souvenir mugs are certainly appropriate.

Oh, and I’ll ship outta country, no problem (forgot to mention that in the email I just sent).

Well, there’s souvenirs of all levels of taste and artistry … :smiley:

:: checks list to make sure I haven’t assigned twickster to myself ::

Sissy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in!

Count me in! :smiley:

I would participate, but I only have one coffee mug with any kind of design on it (a UA mug), and I can’t afford another one. (I’m currently worth $1.75 and a meal plan.)

I sent my e-mail over to laina_f earlier today. I have this thing for coffee mugs from odd places, so it’s right up my alley. :slight_smile:

I sent my email.

They don’t make touristy coffee mugs of where I live. So I’m afraid someone’s going to be blessed with a freebie from a subcontractor at my old job, unless I can dig up something better. Lucky you! :cool:

I sent my email, and forgot to mention that I’ll ship pretty much anywhere. My recipient can have a choice of one from my excessively large preexisting collection or a tourist mug from New Orleans.

Just emailed with the info - put me down as another willing to ship overseas=) and I can go touristy, military or boring :smiley:

just one mug? i have a box full of mugs.

Having received a big box o’ stuff from rocking chair in the White Elephant Exchange, I have to say: “What does your house look like?!” :wink:

Send me your mailing address. I’m sure we can find someone to send a coffee mug to a poor college student.

Yay! I’m in! E-mail’s even been sent already.

This is my first doper exchange, but I’m excited.

Someone’s getting a GREEN mug from me!

But I’m not saying any more about it!

the basement is a lot less scary now…