Doper in a web-based contest (consider voting pour moi)

First off: Mods, if this is in violation of the MPSIMS sticky on “email campaigns” (I don’t see any way this becomes contraversial) then I apologize; feel free lock the thread and slap my wrist.

My quizzo (trivia pub quiz) quizmaster Johnny Goodtimes held a contest this past week in which people at the 7 venues he runs quizzes at were invited to be a guest DJ between rounds, post their set lists to his website, and have the public vote on which was the best. Only 3 people including me volunteered for the DJ task. Voting is open to anyone who looks at the lists online, not necessarily just people who were there… in fact only Johnny was at all three venues…

You can see our set lists (and a largely honest bio of me with a photo of my beer-induced Rasputin-stare) [and you can vote for one of us [URL=]at this link](]at this link[/URL). I’m “Chris R.”

If I win I take the new girlfriend to an almost-free dinner. She’s a nice girl and can really put away the food (honestly I don’t know where it goes!). I also get, um, Local Quizzo Bragging Rights… which for a Doper is pretty heady stuff.

Voting closes Friday, I’ll let you all know what happens…

Dude … so far you’re a bit behind.

Who’s set list did you like best?
Kirt M. 37.9%
Clare P. 34.5%
Chris R. 27.6%

Total votes: 29

Good Luck with it.

Thanks meek (and good luck with the inheriting the Earth thing!). When I voted for myself I was the first out of 24, so I’m actually roaring back here… we’ll make a horse race of this yet!

As you surmised, Crandolph, this is a campaign you needed to clear with us first before posting. What especially doesn’t fly, though, is asking for forgiveness rather than permission. If you’re unsure whether you should start a thread, don’t start the thread. Ask us.