Doper men - Have you ever dated a woman larger or stronger than yourself?

If so what was it like? Did the size or strength disparity make any difference in the relationship?


I’m 6’4, 190. I’m terrified of women larger and stronger than me.

I’m a pretty big man. I am also pretty strong. It would be a very strong woman who was larger or stronger than me.

In any case, no, I haven’t.

I’m 5’6 and normal weight and dated a girl 5’9 who was a healthy farm girl weight. The only compromise was kissing goodbye, she’d stand on a step lower than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Friends; he’s my height but skinner than me, she’s 6’. They have two kids. She controls his hard booze intake by putting it on the top shelf, where she has to stand on a stool to reach :smiley:

Nope - but I´m a big guy myself.

At 6’4", I’ve yet to actually meet a woman taller than myself - I know they’re out there, though.

Taller, yes, by six-seven centimetres. It makes sex a bit different (my only other sex partner was about fifteen centimetres shorter than I), but apart from that, no big deal.

Stronger… we were pretty evenly matched, I’d say. On the other hand, we used to wrestle and it took her a long time to win a match.

Not larger, but my ex-gf was a semi-pro athlete and probably was stronger than me. ‘Probably’ because we never wrestled seriously. Didn’t matter anyway.

I’m 5’7" and 135’ish lbs with self-esteem issues stemming from purberty, I’m currently commited to a 5’5" chick who’s around 160lbs who also has self esteem issues from adolescense. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I was never afraid/scared of her, you just need to see the person behind the fascade they put on for the rest of the world.

As for the scared part, I’m sure she could take me if she wanted to. But the way we are together, I’d probably just let her take me. :slight_smile:

Nope - I’m 6’1 and 200 pounds. I never dated anyone bigger than I was…My wife is 5’2, 120… that was pretty much average for me prior to getting married.
Hi Honey…of course there was no one before you :wink-wink-wink: :smiley:

May I ask why the question is being asked? I’m intrigued!

I’m 5’9", 175. HSHGF is 6’1", 165 or so. We both (she recreationally/high club level, me elite/international level) play the same sport.

She wins arm-wrestling because her arms are long enough that she can roll her wrist over mine without even trying.

What’s it like? Pretty normal for me. I’m somewhat famous in my sport for dating Amazons.

I’ve pretty much forgotten what it’s like to date a girl shorter than me- haven’t done it in years.
Am I afraid of her? No. While I’d say she’s about 80% as strong as me, I’m a fighter (martial artist) and she’s not. If demons took over her body or if she snapped, I could pwn her pretty easily.

No, but I have this fantasy …

Me 5’6"

Ex-Her 5’8"

*Technically *I was stronger. Didn’t stop her from kicking the shit out of me.

ETA: Quote from my brother: “It doesn’t matter how tall they are when they’re lying in your bed.”

Let’s see. I’m 6’1, 200 lbs and live in Japan.

Not likely.

Stronger? No. More athletic? Yes.

I’m 5’6’’ and for a few months in high school, I dated a girl that was 5’8’’. She was an athlete and pretty strong. I had a job that required heavy lifting and was no slouch either. I was close to 130 lbs at the time and I would guess she was about the same. The closest we had to a ‘TEST YOUR MIGHT’ contest was horsing around in a swimming pool. We were pretty evenly matched from what I remember.

I guess neither mattered much since I’ve never really given it any thought until today.

I dated a woman who was 6’2" for a while (I am 5’10"). I doubt she was stronger than I am/was. The closest we ever got to a test of strength was when she asked me if there was a way of escaping the “bully position” (bully sits on your chest leaning his weight on both your wrists with his hands). So I showed her.

I didn’t continue to the step of passing the guard.


Not really, and I’m only 5’5". One chick got a bit fat while we were going out, so she was bigger than me when it ended.