Women over 6' tall, Women under 5' tall...please check in with your stats.

Okay, at a minimum, I would like to know how many women Dopers out there are over 6’ tall or under 5’ tall. So, if you could check in and report, that’d be great.

Also, if you could provide me with a couple bits of info:

What are the challenges associated with your height?

If you could be any height, what height would that be? Would you stay the same?

Did you go through a period of your life where you didn’t think you could live being tall or being short?

Ae you an introvert or an extrovert?
THANKS!!! I’m doing a little semi-scientific theory testing!


Oh. I read the thread title and thought you were trying to line up some people for a lesbian porn video you’re working on.

Guess I don’t need to reserve a copy. :wink:

I’m 5 feet exactly. (I think I’m still growing but my doctor says that at 25, I’m probably full grown. What does he know.) Technically this doesn’t fall with in your parameters, because you said under 5 feet. But I’ll take any chance to express my plight because the world was made for people bigger than me.

I can not reach any cupboard shelves in the office kitchen. I don’t use the top shelves in my kitchen for anything except long term storage. Thats the biggest thing, not being able to reach things. But, being agile like a ninja I can jump up on counters and get stuff. I also have trouble getting into large vehicles, trucks and stuff. Also, there is no chair that fits me. My feet always dangle so usually I sit cross legged in chairs.

I’d like to be about 4-6 inches taller.

im male and 5feet5inches
i feel really really short in front of others
but im an extrovert and have a few short and many tall friends
im 18 yrs old
pls pls tell me that i will grow some more even 3 inches is enough

I’m 6’ even, but I like to talk so I’m here. (that answer your introvert/extrovert question?)

Challenges? I like taller guys. You try finding sensitive, brilliant, funny, single guys. And then eliminating any of them under 6’2". Its getting better, but middle school and high school I was pretty much taller than the guys. (Damn slow growers.)

If I could be any height I’d probably chop 2-3" off. And steal my friend Nicole’s body while I’m at it.

No, I never went through a period where I thought I couldn’t stand it. In a way it fits me. I’m loud, opinionated, and take up a lot of psychic space. Might as well fill physical space too.

My whole family is tall, so I don’t notice problems at home. Though it is facinating when my friend who is a delightful 5’2" comes over and cooks. We give her a step stool. We put daily use stuff on top shelves.

She may not be a poster, but I’ll submit my wife into the thread since she is 6’1.

I am 5 feet and almost a half inch. (I hope that counts!)

Challenges: all of what racerx said. Plus, finding clothes that do not look like little girl, teenager or school teacher clothes. I have to shorten EVERYTHING, even if I buy stuff for short people. I have a long waist and short legs so it’s also difficult to find dresses that look right. I usually wear skirts and tops instead.
Also, Mr. Sunshine is 6’1". Makes for some interesting sex. :slight_smile: One thing I want more than anything is to be able to dance cheek to cheek with him. As it is, I don’t even come up to his shoulder, so dancing is pretty awkward with us. Sometimes we kid around and have me stand on our stepstool so that I’m tall. (I’m still not as tall as him, but our stepstool makes me just the right height!) Also a big challenge is trying not to kill all the people who make short jokes and call me midget for the umpteenth time.

What height would I want to be: I guess about 5’7" or so. Whatever height it is that stepstool puts me at. The only problem I see is that I am extremely clumsy and the addition of several more inches might make my body even harder to control than it is now!

No, I never felt as if I couldn’t live being my height.
I am fairly extroverted.

My sister-in-law, age 31, is about 4’10". She is very introverted. She weighs about 85 lbs, has a very quiet voice. She is the runt of my husband’s family. Out of 5 kids, she is the shortest, then my husband, then a sister and two more brothers. They are a loud, boisterous Irish family and my sister-in-law is very often overlooked or sort of lost in the crowd. As a result, she often does attention getting things, like spilling her soda or something, just so people will notice her.

Hope that helps!

I’m right at the 5’ mark, so I’ll put my coupla pennies in here too…

Challenges Getting anything off a high shelf. Being taken for older than 12. Kissing tall guys.

What height would I be? Probably anywhere from 3-5" taller.

Living with being verically challenged No, not really. It’s just one of those things that, while frustrating, I know I can’t do anything about, so I deal with it… make jokes about it.

Introvert or Extrovert Depends on my mood. When I was younger, constant introvert. Now that I’m older, when I’m in a crowd that I DON’T know, introvert… once I get to know you… Extrovert to the extreme!

Hope it helps!

I am just about 6’1", and have been very tall since about the 4th grade (shot up to 5’8", was even taller than my teacher!)

For a long time in high school, I was pretty shy, slouched a lot, didn’t want people to look at me because I thought I was too “big”. But I’ve grown into myself and now I’m like “HEY! WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?!”

I find the hardest thing is finding clothes that fit me correctly. I have very long legs AND a long torso AND big boobs, so sometimes Mediums or Larges are too tight, but Extra Larges are too big and I look like a whale. I guess my biggest pet peeve is clothes tend to make me look much heavier than I am because its hard to me to find flattering, form fititng clothes that don’t make me look like a slut. And, its hard to find pants that go past my ankles. I’m usually “High Water Harriett”! BUT I look kick ass in my knee high, 3 inch heel black go-go boots!

When I was single, it was very hard meeting tall guys that liked to be with tall women. Usually, the tall guys would go for my short (5’2" average) friends and I was like HUH!? But my boyfriend is the same height as me and he loves that I’m tall and outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind. So I guess I’m pretty lucky.

my 2 cents

I am 176 cm tall - 5 feet 9 (I think)…

Girls stop to grow at age 14 or 15 by the way…
boys keep on growing much much looonger…

My parents had a bet on how tall I d be.
Dad went fo 6 feet and mom for 5 feet 9.
Mom won. Dad had to pay a dinner at an expensive restaurant shortly after my 18th birthday.

I d really like to wear high heels more often… but it gets on my nerves cause I am about 6 feet tall with high heels on so I have to look down on everybody. :rolleyes:

So far, I am surprised by something:

Some women have checked in and reported that they wish they were a different height. I find this most surprising. I figured women would accpet their height and say something such as “I didn’t like being tall/short, but I wouldn’t change it now.”

Keep checking in, I’m getting great feedback.

As I said before, I started a major growth spurt around 9 or 10 years old, and didn’t reach my final height until about 21. I know this because on my first drivers license I was 5’11", that was when I was 16. When that one expired, I had to re-take the test (new state) and I was then 6’1", so I grew a couple of inches between the ages of 16 and 21. Thankfully that stopped! I don’t think I could handle being much taller than I am.

Sometimes I complain about my height, but for the most part I like it because I can reach the highest shelf at the grocery store without any help, I can see over the heads of people at concerts, and people can pick me out of a crowd pretty easily. all good things…

I’m 5’1" now but I was 4’9" through most of high school and into my early 20’s. Yes, some women hit late growth spurts.
What are the challenges associated with your height?

Not being able to reach top shelves anywhere, and getting into trucks/suv’s is tricky. Clothes are not made for short people, I had to buy a sewing machine because everything I buy needs to be altered.

I wouldn’t change my height. I kind of like being small

I can be introverted sometimes but mostly extrovert

Well I’m just a smidge under 6’ but its so small as to be insignificant when measuring. Problems with being tall? I have a hell of a time buying clothes. I either have to buy in the plus section (which invariably fits but is baggy on me) or go with the largets possible size to buy in normal and its next to impossible to find the right fit that way.

Any height? Maybe a few inches shorter. I always hit my head on the busses (the bars to hold onto are just below where the top of my head is) and in the parkades I feel sooo weird since I can touch the roof barely stretching (ie not on my tiptoes)

Never felt I couldn’t live with it. It’s me so I handle it just fine.

Introvert… I am very much an introvert though at times I can be extroverted but it isn’t very common for me. Because of being bigger I got picked on a lot (and I never defended myself cuz I didn’t want to be a bully) and so I learned to make myself more invisible and quiet. Its sorta stuck to me.

I’m a tad over 5’, but I’m up early and wanted to post anyway. Try and stop me! HA!

I can’t find things if they’re up high… my husband is over 6’ and he puts things down on top of stuff… he can see it I guess… I sure can’t. I always have to stand on something to reach anything in the kitchen cabinets. I can’t change lightbulbs by myself without moving furniture. I can’t reach stuff on the top shelves at the grocery store. (At Walmart I often climb on the shelving to reach stuff. Shh. Don’t tell anyone)

Add in the fact that I tend to go for tall men… actually I’ve never dated anyone under 6’. And try kissing someone who is 17 inches taller than you are… it’s tricky! If he got on his knees, we were the same height.

All in all though, I like being short. I also like that I’ve almost always been an optical illusion… no one ever guesses that I’m short. People usually guess me around 5’5"-5’8"… when I was a dancer I was constantly having to stand by guys to “prove” how short I was. They’d freak out every time. I don’t know why I don’t look as short as I am, but it seems to be true.

Well, I’ll throw my sis into the fray. Won’t give her exact height, even tho I think I mentioned it in some previous thread. Anyway, she’s incredibly tall. Well over 6’.

From what I can tell she loves it. She’s had one or two complaints about the boys being shorter, but now that she’s in college those have become rare.

Plus, she’s absolutely gorgeous, and being extremely tall and thin helps.

Just to answer your question, she’s very much an extrovert. Hope I helped with your little experiment.

:slight_smile: lol !

I wouldn’t dare try to stop one of you spunky little people. :slight_smile:
OpalCat, I am always having to stand next to people to prove how tall I am. People always think I’m shorter than I am. I am 5’10", maybe 5.11 on a good day, but if someone were to guess my height they’d probably say 5’7". I won a nice bet with some folks I work with. A girl several cubes down from me was about 5.9, maybe 5.10, but she had the longest legs and just looked long and tall. They though she’d tower over me, and when we stood back to back, we we’re dead even. It was an optical illusion until we stood next to eachother. I am about average build, but since she was thin and long legged, she definitely looked tall.

4’10" here. I’m rather introverted, and even here at school, I keep a a step stool around so I can reach stuff in the closets and cupboards (especially since there’s no countertops to climb on like there were at home). I’m not only short, but overweight, so finding clothes is damn near impossible, as most things are too long and too tight, which has contributed to my (well-known) deathly shyness. That said, I don’t really mind being so short, as self-deprecating humor comes easily, but I think I wouldn’t mind a few more inches if anyone wants to send 'em over…

Hello, Philster. I don’t quite fit in your parameters; however, I have many of the same challenges, so I thought I might share those with you. Feel free to ignore this post.

I am either 5’7 or 5’8, depending on who you ask. The problem comes in with where my height comes from. Mostly in my legs, I have a 33" inseam. That means I have to buy talls in my slacks, and skirts and tops fit <generally speaking> better than dresses do. And, I can rarely find two-piece outfits that fit well, since my top half is a different size than the bottom half. And, just because I have long legs, doesn’t mean I’m long waisted too. That means that my pants that fit lengthwise, are too long in the waist, and the waistband sits just below my…well, assets, shall we say. Ok, ok, boobs. There! Are you happy, Mr Bear? :stuck_out_tongue: So, I either roll them over, or sew them down.

The other problems I have are that it’s rare to find a counter height that really works for me. I’d love <and am planning on it someday> to rip out my kitchen, and put in counters that are about 4-5" higher than they currently are. I’ve hurt my back several times, and now have chronic back problems that come and go. Having to bend over so much to do anything on my kitchen or bathroom counters doesn’t help that at all. On the other hand, I can reach, usually w/o stretching, almost anything in any of the cupboards I want. Since I’ve gained weight the last 20 yrs or so, I don’t look as tall as I am. I have now lost 45#, so, am appearing taller again to some people. Go figure. And, I am generally considered taller when in slacks than in a skirt.

I am sure everyone that knows me will call me an extrovert. I love people, and love being around other people. I’d make a terrible hermit, and probably die of loneliness first. At the same time, I can be quite shy about some things. It’s so much easier to ‘say’ some things online for me than it is to say in person. And, I tend to blush very easily, especially if given a compliment. I have a hard time believing any compliments. <long story as to why, not pertinent here>.

Hope that helps you somewhat.

I’m five feet tall. Just ditto me for everything every other short woman has already said. I would like to be five foot four. That always sounded like a nice number. I hate being short.