Doper music sleuths - help ID'ing a musical snippet?

So I was sitting around noodling on my guitar, and suddenly stumbled across a very familiar riff…but damned if I can place it.

So I figured I’d record a little piece of it and see if any kind Dopers could help me out.

Here it is. Pardon the poor recording. Any ideas?

Could it be “Rio”?

Sorry, couldn’t resist

Damn you. :slight_smile:

The forst part (first 6 or seven notes) sounds very familiar, but not so much the rest of it. Damned if I can think of it, though.

It almost sounds like “Bolero.” Other than that, I’m stumped. Good luck

Some similarities to the melody line and rhythm of Norwegian Wood, although not an exact concurrence.

Who wants to bu-uy-uy this diamond ri-i-i-ing.
She took it off her finger now, it doesn’t mean a thi-i-i-ing.

–Gary Lewis and the Playboys.


Yeah, I don’t know either. Thanks for trying, though!

Sounds like part of Bolero.
Have you been to this website?
I’m not sure how useful it will be, but it’s interesting that they are attempting to do this.