Help me ID really, really obscure disco song

OK - I realize I probably won’t get the answer, but I thought I’d see if any of the older Dopers would know of this song…

I listen to disco web radio all day at work, and there’s only one free disco station left that I can find. (I can only use Windows Media Player; RealPlayer and browser players are blocked by our firewall.)

Anyway, they have a rather interesting playlist: your standard “classics,” and then some really obscure stuff, much of which I like. Unfortunately, this one web radio station doesn’t show you the artist and title of the song in the Media Player status bar.

I think the song is called Music. I found that as a listing on a site with the top 500 disco songs of all time (it was way back there). If that’s indeed the title, then according to this list, it could very well be by a group called Montreal Music. (Interesting - I live in Montreal…)

So today I was able to quickly type up some of the verse lyrics:

Long instrumental bits in there, too.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Google is no help, even when I paste in lines of the verses. So I have no choice but to turn to the Dope.

I don’t have high hopes on an ID of this song. But I really like it…

Assuming your lyrics aren’t exactly right, it sounds like it might be Life is Music, 1977, by the Ritchie Family.

Thanks! I just found it on a comprehensive list of disco songs I came across (compiled by a gay guy - go figure… :wink: ).

This can be closed now.

Was I right? Or was it something else?

You were right. I found the lyrics through some Googling. :slight_smile:

I like their sound. Maybe I’ll be able to hunt down a “greatest hits” collection.

Well, I’d like to know the name/URL of the station you are listening to, as an “older Doper” :frowning: that used to be a major Disco head and would enjoy the nostalgia factor.

Stoid: Open Windows Media Player, click Radio Tuner, then do a search for oldies (or disco). It’s Radio Free Virgin Saturday Night Dance Party. Their playlist is repetitive - you’ll hear the same song twice, maybe three times a day sometimes, but it’s one of the few remaining free web radio stations left that plays disco.

If you don’t have firewall problems, try and do a search for 70s and disco. I used to be able to get that but they tweaked the firewall at work, so I can’t get it anymore.

Also try (? - it’s listed in Win Media Player but no longer works for me). They have several 70s channels, but you have to play them through their own browser-based player (which I can’t).