Doper parents: do you get your kids Valentine's gifts?

I do, but I don’t know how common it is. Now, my two oldest kids are out on their own, and I won’t send them cards or anything. But when they were still at home, there was always a little something for them on V Day. There will, likewise, be something this year for 11YO mudgirl. Nothing major, just a little box of four chocolates, or a small stuffed animal, something like that. Maybe a cute pair of socks printed with hearts. You get the idea.

I guess I like the idea of letting my kids know that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, it’s about love.

Obviously, if you don’t get your kids anything, you don’t have to defend your position. I guess I’m just interested in figuring out if this practice is fairly widespread, or if it’s just one of my. . .eccentricities. :slight_smile:

I’m not a parent, but my parents used to buy us gifts when we were kids. We usually got a bit of candy, and I usually got a book. Often a hardback too :cool: I am not sure what my older brother got, he did not like to read. Probably a toy or game, or something sports related? Maybe a movie. Not sure. It was just one gift nothing extravagant and it always came with a nice card from our parents. It was nice.

No. I consider Valentine’s Day to be a holiday that is specifically about romantic love. It never occurred to me to get gifts for my kids.


Even though our daughter is now 23 years old, I’ve always given her a little bag of goodies. The cute socks that norinew mentioned, or the candies, or a little something of whatever it was that held her fancy at the time.

I will continue to do this until I’m cold and dead. That’s how I’m wired, I guess.

Well, it’s good to know I’m not entirely an outlier on the subject! :slight_smile:

I get my daughter some candy and a gift. My parents, too.
Plus I love to buy the kiddie valentines to give to friends.

To me, it’s an occasion to let people know they are special to me.

I always got my kids a little box of conversation hearts or a tiny box of chocolates. When they were in school, many many parents had flowers, teddy bears or balloons delivered to their children at school. I refused to participate in what I saw as conspicious gift-giving.

I will get my young daughters simple Valentines gifts and I hope they make me a card. Saying that it is only about the romantic interest de jour is barfworthy in my book. Most of those will have failed by April Fools Day. It is about simple love and caring. My grandmother always got me Valentine’s gifts until she died last year and I looked forward to them. That is what is important.

I got my little girl a heart shaped box of chocolates. Just a little one. And a cheap little necklace. Her big sister always gets something too but I won’t say what since she is a poster here. :slight_smile:

Well, I hope you were near an appropriate receptacle when you read my prior post, then.

Personally, I treat birthdays and Christmas as official gift-giving occasions and not much else. Valentine’s Day has always felt to me like a shameless marketing attempt to make people feel obligated to buy gifts and spend money. I don’t really care for it and never have. Although if other people want to, that’s certainly their business. It won’t make me barf or anything.

Yes, we get PandaKid stuff for V-Day :slight_smile:

We usually give a card and a treat.

OMG, parents really had gifts delivered to their kids at school?? ::Gag::
I would not do this.

There will be a little something by her breakfast dish Monday morning, that’s all.

Really? Wow…

The most I ever got at school was I’d buy myself one of the carnations the student council sold.

Otherwise, yeah I get him a little something. Nothing fancy or large but something cute and/or sweet like my parents have always done for me.

Definitely. Some small candy items, probably. Maybe something a little fancier than usual, like some imported candy from World Market. My mother would give us some Fannie May candies every year, which I miss. Especially the Buds and the Caramel Bonbons.

Not since they were little kids. They’ve got significant others to do that with now.

I send all my boys cards through the mail. Always have, always will. They, as usual, don’t get me shit. But, it’s a nice little tradition and I think they secretly like it.

You bet! We find any excuse for little expressions of love.

Plus, it’s fun!

I always have had a little gift and card for each of them on valentines day, even now that they’re adults. I think it’s a day to remember everyone you love, not just a romantic thing.

Also I saved my mom’s life with a valentine candy* a few years back so it’s become a special holiday for the whole family now.
*She hadn’t eaten all day except for that one little candy, and it spiked her blood sugar enough that she passed out, got ambulanced to the hospital where they ran some tests and eventually…found the cancer and (pretty much) cured it since they’d found it so early.

Yep. She is in her late 20s. I mailed her the card today and purchased something for her online. She still gets an Easter basket, and her stocking filled, too. As nonacetone said, I will do these until I am old and dead. Oh, and, she is an only child. Did you already guess that? She was born after a couple bouts of cancer I had.