Doper Poets - come participate in the SDMB Poetry Sweatshop!!

Okay, here is what I’m proposing. Sometime in the weekend of Oct. 17th - 18th, anyone interested in participating will have one hour to write a poem. The poem must incorporate three words, selected at random by me, which will be sent to the poet just when he or she is to begin writing. Other than those three words, the content is up to the poets - to rhyme or not to rhyme, rhythm, length, form - up to you.

The finished poems will be posted in a thread, I’ll start a thread with a poll and SDMB members will get a chance to vote for the best poem. The winner will receive my heartiest congratulations and the admiration of many board members.

So, anyone who is interested in participating should post in this thread, and I’ll make up a list. I will also try to pick the same hour for everybody, and I will try to keep that fair so that, for example, the Australians aren’t writing at 5 AM. (If I end up with someone from each time zone, well, I don’t know, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. We used to do these at a couple of bars here in Toronto, and they always did them live, so that’s the base idea that I’m working from. The three words idea, by the way, is to keep people from submitting material that they’ve already worked on or published outside the time frame.)

So, is anyone interested? I hope so - there are some very creative types who post here, and I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to see what people come up with. You have just about one week to sacrifice to the Muses…

I have asked permission of the Cafe Society moderators, by the way, and they have given their blessing. Many thanks.

OK, I’m in. I prefer haiku.


I’ll try.

I’m in, too.

I’m in.

This sounds like fun.

I’ll try to be here.

I’d like to participate, just for the heck of it, if I can make it at the designated hour (I’m in Germany, and you picked the weekend of my girlfriend’s birthday, so I might not be near a computere).

Right - so far, we have

Elendil’s Heir
Other Dreams

Half Man Half Wit

Any one else? I’ll be away from my computer for Thanksgiving, so I’ll check in when I’m back on Sunday. Meantime, all poets welcome!

I’d like to participate, but not sure if I can. Count me in, though, just in case.

I shall also try to participate.

Your three words are “incontrovertible,” “valetudinarian,” and “antidisestablishmentarianism.” Good luck.


Ditto - put me down too please, under these auspices.


Auntie, this a stab:
Lish meant “Aryanism”.
Is Lish a Nazi?

What the hell–I’m in.

Excellent! :smiley:

It’s incontrovert-
ible. Val ate your dinner
Ian. What a bitch!

I’m in!

I’m down. Can’t promise to be here but I’ll try.

I’m in.