Doper Sighting?

This evening, heading home, eastbound on the “garnet” bridge, I spotted a specialty Fla. License Plate, the one with wild dolphins (not the Miami NFL) with the following combo of letters and numbers:


I didn’t catch the kind of car, it quickly passed me, as I was behind someone who thought the black numbers on the white and yellow signs actually have meaning.


I think Opal’s based out of Northern Virginia, but you should’ve waved anyway.

Since I’m the third poster in this thread, it’s only appropriate that I say:

Hi Opal!

Ok, I have to ask, since I am still but a newbie, what is with the Opal thing? It does not bug me at all, in fact I think it is funny. Is it an inside joke? And what is with “Hi opal?” always being #3? Just curious.

Opalcat once posted that she hated lists with less than three things. Ever since then, whenever somebody makes a numbered list, #3 has usually been “Hi Opal”. Yes, it is an inside joke that originated way back in the AOL SDMB days.

Thank you, shadowfox. Most appreciated!

Yeh, I shoulda waved, but I was stuck behind Mr Slowpoke, and I’m afraid all my fingers may not have been extended. By the way, I didn’t think it was OPALCAT herself, but perhaps a fan. I know there’s at least one other Doper in the Jax Metro area … ok FCM, where were YOU at the time in question?

Once, here in RI, I saw a car with the vanity plate storytlr. But I think the poster’s name is Storytyler.

I saw a car with the vanity plate ‘FACIALS’ recently. I’m hoping the lady driving was in the beauty industry. :slight_smile:


hmmmm, well, I don’t have a specialty tag and I haven’t been across the garnet bridge in many many months… but there is an Opal Street between our house and my kid’s school. Every time I drive down that way, I have an almost uncontrollable urge to say hi…

If you’re looking to sight me, you’ll have better luck at NAS in Bldg 2.


HA! how cool :slight_smile:

My car doesn’t have a vanity plate, but it does have the special “I’m Animal Friendly” design VA plate… and our car has a chrome thingie on it that says “” so it’s pretty easy to tell that it’s me :slight_smile:

Btw, the licence plate in that picture is the cardinal one, which was what we had before we got the animal friendly one. Just so you don’t call me a liar or sumfin.