Straight Dope secret sign........

At **Oslo Ostragoth **'s request based on the comments in this thread I’m starting this to see if we can figure out a way to identify Dopers if we happen to think we see each other in public. I said something like a special wave or something that can let us know if the person we suspect of being one of us really is. Ideas?

“Hi Opal,” would be a pretty good hint.

I have a neat idea! My second finger …well, the third if you count the thumb, is pretty tall and if you stick it up, it stands out really well! How about that?

It’s amazing how many dopers I encounter while driving!

And the countersign, “No, my name is Cecil Adams.”

We’re everywhere, man!



I think we need a hat like this

Perhaps a lapel pin shaped like a pie?

Rings that when connected together call upon Captain Cite (much like Captain Planet, but instead of fighting pollution he runs around smacking people who use the phrase, “You know, they say that…” in an argument)?

T-shirts that say “I Heart Cecil”?

This is easy. Every time you see someone you think might be a Doper, just masturbate like a motherfuck. Insiders will get it, trust me.

I think that would work best if we were a secret society that only allowed introductions by third party. I couldn’t meet you and say I was a Doper, but if you and I were together and Cluricaun showed up and knew we both were, he could put a hand on each of our shoulders and say it.

Like “He’s a friend of ours,” only not.

A pin shaped like a 1920’s Style Death Ray might be better - the pie thing didn’t originate here and is all over the internet.

Heh, we’re in the Knowledge Mafia.

Sign: “What are you-some kind of Dope??”
Counter-sign: “Why, yes-yes I am”

How about:

Although not every thread and certainly not every post is greeted this way, a large enough percentage of the responses do indicate that this would be applicable:

You stick your fingers in both ears and mutter over and over “La-la-la-la I’m not listening.”

The trick is, and the key indication that this is a Doper confrontation in a public place, this is done simultaneously and before either person has said anything else.

Ought to work for the stated purpose. And if the other person is not a Doper, what harm has been done?

The Straight Dope Handshake

Offer your hand to the other person in a friendly manner. If they reciprocate the gesture, tell them that the privilege will cost them 14 dollars. Then pause and do nothing for several hours.

The New Improved Straight Dope Handshake

Start attaching small advertisements to the other person’s body. Inform them that you will stop if they pay you.

Remember, an official Straight Dope handshake can be performed only once every 300 seconds. You have 283 seconds to wait before another handshake will be allowed.

How about a T Shirt with this on it?

Tears down my face! Terrifel, I have become a fan of yours!

Tell me where to send the money.

I purposely didn’t shrink the image too much - if you’re serious about wanting it on a shirt, please feel free to download and use it.

There are a number of online shirt printing outfits where you can provide an image file and they produce a one-off shirt…

Doper #1 Hi! How’s it going?

Doper #2 Great!

Doper #1 cite?