Doper Transportation Chain

After Stealth Dope 2003, Zappo, Persephone and I were eating lunch when we began wondering about the idea of whether it would be possible to get from one end of the country to the other, or possibly from far north to far south by having various dopers pick you up and driving you no further than 100 miles to where the next doper would be.

So, let’s see how we could do this. Let’s start two chains and see how far we could possibly get.

Chain 1 : Providence, RI to Los Angeles, CA.

Chain 2 : Flint, MI to Miami, FL.

I-65 is along one of the routes from FLint MI and Miami… I can cover a portion of the miles between Nashville Tennessee and Birmingham.
Of course I have a serious small car so please pack light.

Make sure Euty showers first, too! :smiley:

You can count me in right now anywhere near Charleston, SC. Of course, this will all change in April when I move to Baltimore, so plan your trip quick!


Airman and I live right near I-76 (the PA Turnpike), so that means we can cover the Philly to DC areas.


I’m the one in Flint. I think we had it figured to somewhere in Pennsylvania. I could get xploder (who also lives in Flint) to drive me to Ann Arbor, and drop me at **Cranky’s ** house. Then Cranky could get me to the Toledo area and **UncleBeer. ** He could get me to Columbus and **thinksnow, ** …and then I forgot who could get me where. At some point I’d end up with Zappo driving me somewhere in Pennsylvania. The goal was to get to **Geobabe ** and UncleBill in Miami.

Keep in mind that this is just a game, folks. I’m not really doing this trip. Well, maybe some day. When I find a job that will give me a month off and pay me to do this. :smiley:

Euty’s Rhode Island to LA Imaginary Trip seems a little easier at first, what with so many Dopers here in the east. But I start losing track of who’s where once I get west of Chicago. :confused:

First of all, Airman is upstairs, doing whatever it is he’s doing.

Second, in my semi-dopey state, I should elaborate and point out that we live near the junction of I-81 and I-76, enabling either east-west or north-south travel.


I don’t know if you would need I-20 or I-55 ~

But, say the north-south people came down I-55 from Chicago;
kniz can pick up in North Miss and hand off to me somewhere more south. And I’d go to I-20 which then can be taken to Florida.

phantomdiver is good for this imaginary road trip 100 miles in any direction in the DC area. B and I are good for 100 miles in the SoVa area, which would probably be the only one of those applicable to the Flint-Miami trip.

I live just a few miles from I-20, between Atlanta and Birmingham, a little closer to B’ham than 'lanta. Although I’m quite willing to contribute to an I-20 east-west leg, pretty much any reasonable route from MI to FL is also going to come right through here, so I can also handle a leg of some kind between B’ham and FL.

You’re not? :(:(:frowning:

We’ll work on that.

We are on I-95 just south of the MD/PA/DE border. We’re good for anywhere North-South in there - down to DC, up to Philly. They’re each just an hour or so.

If you make it this far south, I can cover a good bit of I-10 or I-45. But you’ve definitelt got some patches to cover before that becomes an issue.

Wanna see Galveston? Austin? New Orleans?

think could get you to Cincinnati, then Shibb and I (both of us, so one can drive and the other can engage you in sparkling conversation) could get you down to Lexington where Ellen (now with extra Cherry) and dwyr could take over. That gets you 100 miles south of Lexington KY. That would be… juust about at the Tennessee border.

I’m real close to I-95 in northeast Florida, but I don’t think it falls on either route - I’m thinking the MI-Miami route would come into the sunshine state vie I-75.

What about RI-Miami? I could play on that one!

I’m about 30 miles off of I-75. I could get ya to the Florida state line easy. We could make the switch at the Florida welcome center. FairyChatMom is right about the Flint to Miami route. I-75 to the Florida turnpike then to Miami would be easier. I-95 through Florida is hell. All those motorhomes going 45 mph. :eek:

I ain’t driving noone lessen’ they kick in some money for gas.

Hangs out old sixties “Gas, Ass or Grass: No One Rides For Free” sign

I can cover the area just north of GingerOfTheNorth.

Would that make me FrankOfTheNorthNorth? :slight_smile:

Well, I could cover parts of I-40 from Knoxville to Nashville or I-75 to Chattanooga/Atlanta, though those don’t really seem to be part of the route.

Shaddap you! You’re in charge of the “sparking conversation”. Duh.