here about your underwear!

The guys always get asked the boxers or briefs question so now it’s the ladies’ turn. What kind of underwear do you wear?

Me? I purchase my underwear exclusively from Victoria’s Secret. I buy the cotton underwear, size medium, in the hi-cut string and hi-cut Rio brief. But my favorite ones are the thongs. I always feel so naughty when I’m wearing one and my hubby loves to see me undressing at night and get a glimpse of the thong.

I can’t stand non-cotton underwear, they seem to slide around too much. You’ll never catch me in a pair of granny bloomers, either. They’re just not sexy at all!

OK, now it’s your turn.


You wear underwear? I’m shocked!
While I don’t wear it as a general rule, sometimes I wear it when I dress up for “playtime” as a change of pace and it’s always the lacy-barely-there kind.

well… i’m new to straight dope, but when i saw a question about underwear i had to give my input. i always buy my underwear on sale, but i get really cool ones. the only thing that sucks is that i can’t show anyone my cool underwear. i always wear thongs, and today i am wearing a mesh black pair, with fringe across the front of them. i really want to pull down my pants and show everyone at work my cool underwear, but well, i don’t think i’d work here much longer… so i thought i’d tell you guys about it. :slight_smile:


I don’t wear thongs very often because my workplace is very casual and 4 days out of 5 I’m wearing jeans. I don’t know about y’all but I can’t wear thongs with jeans (or go commando with them) because the denim chafes my tender behind. And what’s sexy about a chafed behind? Nothing, I tells you. So I mostly wear string bikinis - I have a lot of cotton ones, which I like and my boyfriend likes. I have lots of shiny satin ones, and a few lacy ones. I try to match bra and panty when I can, but on those special monthly days when Aunt Flo visits, anything goes. And I never wear big ol’ granny-style briefs (high waisted and low-legged). Blargh…shudder.

Actually, I just had a great exchange at Old Navy a little while ago. See, I had a, uh, female accident at work, and after tying my sweater around the waist, ran down to Old Navy to buy a pair of jeans and a package of undies. I walked up to the counter with a package of string bikinis, and the lady at the register says, “Ooh, you are going to LOVE these! They are so soft, because they are 100% cotton, and when you get out of the shower and put them on, you’re like, ‘Did I forget to put them on? Am I wearing anything?’ And you are! I bought these for my daughter, and she asked me, ‘Mama, why are these so soft?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know baby, but I do know they’re 100% cotton.’ (speaking to another cashier) You know you could buy these. I think they have them in extra-large. They’re really soft, and they’re 100% cotton!”

So funny. And what a sales pitch!

Victoria’s Secret wearer, here.

I like their string bikinis (not the ones with the “VS” all around the band but the true string ones). I’ve got mostly their regular strings but have one pair of the little string ones that I like better (gee, did that make any sense at all).

I have a 3-4 thongs that I wear occasionally. Also some old Hanes Her Way for that time of month.

I don’t like satin or polyester panties as they tend to gravitate toward my buttcrack.

No lacy ones either - they itch!

Kind of a simple kind of gal, I am.

Thongs everyday, and that’s all you need to know. :wink:

Panty lines suck, so I usually don’t wear any. On the times when I have to though, I have a couple of thongs that I like because they are matching sets with the bras. I like matching outfits, even if nobody is going to see them:)

I’m assuming VS quality has gotten better lately, then, because the kind I used to get seemed to hold up poorly. I stopped buying that kind.

I wear boring ol’ hanes her way, etc bikinis. 100% cotton. I prefer the ones that have a cloth-covered elastic at the waist instead of the elastic band with the logo. I’m due for some new pairs.

I like any panties that make me feel sexy, cotton, silk, satin. I don’t think I have the butt for a thong, :mad: but I like the bikini panties the best. I love Victoria’s Secret, but they are tooooo expesive. Once in awhile I’ll go there to get a top and bottom set, but I’m a department store girl.

White cotton granny-panties. I’m old enuff to be a granny - why not dress the part?? :smiley:

I look for bargains everywhere i go, but when it comes to underwear I splurge SO much!

However, my favorite ones are from Walmart. They are cotton bikini and have little designs on them like the ones i wore as a child. Makes me feel all girly and cute…

For years I wore cotton whities almost exclusively. Not glam by any means, but certainly serviceable. All of that changed when I met my BF, who thankfully put an abrupt kibosh on the Carter’s Continuum. Now I proudly don all manner of lacy, naughty thong-y things(size Small), the better to please both of us. Never knew skivvies could provide such joy!! Current fave brand is Victoria’s Secret anything. Sure makes me feel like a natural woman!! Meow!!

Victoria’s Secret signature cotton thongs and V strings.

On the rare occasions I wear underwear it’s cotton French or Brazilian cut bikini panties.

No thongs…If I’m going to have something stuck in my ass crack I prefer that it is attached to a man. :slight_smile:

I’m sure others have thought it, but I’ll say it:

How you doin’?

Primarily Victoria Secret satin bikinis. They are the most comfortable in the world, and are sexy to boot. Last time I was there, though, the colors were a bit ugly. My favorite pair is a purple/fuschia reptile print with a silver pattern mixed in.

I also have some VS cotton bikinis and one thong, for certain black pants.

i wear cotton bikinis, not white. noncotton feels slippy. haven’t tried a thong yet but i will eventually i’m sure. i just don’t have an excuse to buy one yet. i have gone commando but as a rule i can’t because of having gym at school.

I’m in heaven! Can I just sit here in this thread for a while? I hope you ladies don’t mind…


Do people still wear UNDERWEAR?



Well, I seldom do. Except for bras, which are necessary for comfort when you are…ahem, stacked.

Kinda weird, when you think about it, since I am kind of a prude. But…it is SO much more comfortable to go without!


Scotti (who is into comfort)