Doperéal dinner roll call (no pun intended)

I want to make the reservations for dinner Saturday and Sunday within the next couple of days, so it’s help me out if those who are planning to attend could check in here.

Just say whether you’ll be going Saturday only, Sunday only, or both days.

Dim sum bunch on Sunday - we’ll just wing it.

In any case, I’ll be going to both dinners (obviously).


I’ll be there Saturday only.

Both days, with photographs from Spain. Fear me.

:smack: that would be me… well, fear me anyway.

Assuming I don’t disappear in a ball of fiery wreckage somewhere as I cross half of a continent, I should be at both dinners.

I’m really leaning towards the dinner option – it seems preferable.

Well, you are rather scary.

Also, I might bring the World Famous “Racinchippi” chocolate chip cookies. Somebody please give me an estimate of how many people will be attending, as well as whether or not there will be a good chance for me to hand out cookies. Then I will know how many to bake.

I can get to a Saturday evening dinner.

I don’t when or where this is taking place, but I’d like to be there on Saturday.

let me know!!

Jools: do a search for the Doperéal thread (with the accent) in MPSIMS, title only, past three months.

Sorry, jools. I should have been more forthcoming. The thread is here. It’s taking place the weekend of August 23 to 25. Hope you can join us.

Thanks Scott but I had already found it, and yes I will be able to join you guys on Saturday, unfortunately I work on Sundays:(

Looking forward to meeting all of you!!

Both days!! ((Because I have no life :slight_smile: ))

but, racinchikki, due to allergies, I will consume no cookies.

I will be there for both days too.

Well, I guess it’s time for me to commit to something. I will be there on Sunday! What time are you thinking? Maybe I’ll even drive up Saturday night after the show (as in, arive in Montreal between 12 and 1). Would that work? I’m not sure what the Saturday evening plans are or if they’ll have wrapped up by that time.

Yay! The boy I’ll never have is cumm- I mean, coming. That was a groan, I know. Do you need a place to stay, Eonwe? Now that iampunha has dropped out fink there’s room for another at the Evil Pad®. In my bed, and now that you’ve revealed you sleep nekkid… mmm… ;).

In terms of Saturday, we’re going for a stroll around Old Montreal and the Old Port (though Maeglin and loup might go to a techno club or something), so I can be home for your arrival. The alternative would be to arrive Sunday morning, but early-ish, because we’re going for dim sum around lunchtime.

For Sunday dinner we’re going some Greek/Italian place that matt_mcl has been endlessly pimping to anyone who’ll listen. ::d&r::

Anyway, let me know. Send me an email or something, and I can give you directions, although lno didn’t seem to like them, detailed though they were. ::d&r again::

I’m there alll the time. But, when are we meeting? Is anything goig on on Friday night?

Back from Italy tomorrow,

Saturday night for me only, I’m afraid.