DOPERÉAL 3D (Montreal, Aug. 20-22) - Itinerary/Check-in/etc. thread

The in-your-face - literally - action starts Friday. Will you be ready?

Please check in here if you’ll be in attendance, especially for the evening restaurant activities, because of the nature of the reservations we were able to make. As well, if you need a place to stay, just say so and someone from the Doperéal CrashPad Committee will be able to help. Finally, last-minute additions to our tentative guest list are more than welcome.

Friday Aug. 20: Dinner at 3 Amigos, 1657 Ste-Catherine ouest, between St-Mathieu and Guy (metro Guy-Concordia). Our reservation (name: Cecil Adams) is for 7:30, but since it’s the weekend and it’s a busy restaurant, if most of us aren’t there by that time, **we will lose our tables. We’ll meet outside the restaurant around 7:15. **You can’t miss it: the sign outside is three brightly-lit colored sombreros.

This followed by bar-hopping etc. We’ll be in the Bishop-Crescent area, so there are many options. This also makes it unlikely that I’ll drag everyone to go do bad karaoke at Club Date, since that’s in the Village. :wink:

Saturday Aug. 21 afternoon: Meet outside Place-d’Armes metro at 1 PM for Old Port, Montreal Science Centre, etc. Unfortunately the English showing of the 3D IMAX film (“Bugs!”/“Bestioles!”) currently playing is at 11 AM, which is far too early for a Dopefest. However, there’s a showing of the same film in French at 2:20 PM, so why the hell not? It’s $12 for the 3D film only, and $17 for the 3D film and admission to the Science Centre. More info here. There don’t seem to be any student rates, which is lame. As well, we’re not in a position to book a group rate because we’re not sure how many of us will be attending that afternoon.

Saturday Aug. 21 evening: Dinner at Café Rococo, 1650 Lincoln, somewhere between Atwater and Guy (metro Atwater or Guy-Concordia). Lincoln runs east-west between de Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke. Reservation for 7 PM under name Cecil Adams. Since it’s a small restaurant, it’s easier for the kitchen if we each choose from about four or five main dishes. detop put down a deposit of $200 which will be refunded. Everything will be explained at that time, don’t worry.

This followed by more bar-hopping etc. Again, we’ll be in the Bishop-Crescent area, so there are bars galore. Nothing’s stopping us from hopping on the metro and heading to the Village, though, if we get tired of the Crescent scene.

Sunday Aug. 22: Mount Royal/St-Denis/St-Laurent. Meet outside Mont-Royal metro around 12:30 PM. (There’s only one exit.) We’ll head west along Mont-Royal St., amble down St-Denis for a bit if we want, then go west again to St-Laurent, AKA “The Main.” We’ll pick up lunch, perhaps at Schwartz’s, and then head to the foot of the mountain where the Sunday Tam-tams are held.

General information on bus and metro here. One-day tourist passes are $8. Three-day tourist passes are $16. They’re available at most downtown metro stations. More info on tourist passes here. Map of metro system here.

See you then!

Well, I’ll be there in spirit. :slight_smile: (Stupid school, grumble grumble)

Everybody have fun!

I’m on for most of it :slight_smile:

However, kfl and LaurAnge and I will probably be skipping Imax due to a previous engagement. I’ll be there for the dinners, tho.

I suspect I will be there for the dinners only. I’m taking the GRE on Wednesday the 25th.

AAIIEEE!!! Due to certain external events, I cannot be there! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’ll be there.

I really hope I can make it up there but at the moment my wallet is missing :frowning:

Does anyone know the border crossing info well enough to tell me if there is any way I can cross without my photo ID? (that is any ways that don’t involve swimming :wink: )

Clay, do you have a passport? (I know you said 'no photo ID, but people don’t usually keep their passports in their wallets…)

Treviathan said he’d like to stay with me, but I haven’t heard from him.

No, I don’t. :smack:

I’m getting one for this semester though. With my fall classes I’ll be up in Canada a lot.

Hoping I’ll be able to see you guys, I’ll let you know if there is any news on the ID.

Well, my company just gave me my itinerary for my business trip to Montreal. I’ll be checking in to my hotel at about 6:30 p.m.

On Monday. :smack:

So is anyone actually going to this?

Eonwe? Anyone? Bueller?

Of course, I’ll be there, among others. Less than 12 hours to go !

I was really hoping to get there, but it’s not going to pan out. We’re going through a major software/database upgrade, and this weekend going to be busy. I was still trying to get some free time up until the last minute, but I just can’t swing it.

Sorry to miss out on the festivities – have fun!

Well, I’m very sick, so instead of infecting the rest of the Dopers, I’ll stay home in bed to recuperate.

Started as a cold, now it’s a raging sinus infection, and I start school on Monday. Sorry I have to forgo dopefest fun in favor of chicken soup and NyQuil, but I need to make sure I don’t get any worse before school. Have fun for me, though.

Small correction, the restaurant is just off Guy, so the metro should be Guy-Concordia. And for the deposit, it will not be refunded. Instead, it will be deduced from the group’s order.


[ul][li]This is the gayest I have ever looked. I’m not kidding about this, people. I love that shirt. And that is a virgin piña colada. With whipped cream.[/li]
[li]At Tres Amigos. LaurAnge, Warrior Slashclaw, detop, Daerlyn, and Mnementh.[/li]
[li]Heterosexuality is flaunted.[/li]
[li]At Grumpy’s. Me (still flaming), detop, LaurAnge, Warrior Slashclaw, Daerlyn, and Mnementh.[/li][/ul]

I’m hoping I don’t recieve too much derision and ridicule, but, well, due to circumstances, I’m not there. :frowning:

I am 100% willing to send you a check, detop, if you guys don’t end up using your $200 quota at dinner tonight, since I know you made the plans based on projected attendance.


No need to. Everything was taken care of (after being read the riot act by the owner). Also, due to the lack of attendance, Sunday’s activities have been canceled.