Two weeks to Doperéal!!! Who's coming? (Please check in!)

Well, we’re two weeks away from our second annual Montreal Dopefest. The fun and frivolous festivities will start on Friday, August 15 and continue through the weekend. No firm itinerary yet; we can hammer it out in this thread.

For now, post if you plan on participating, and if you’re coming from elsewhere, when you’ll be arriving in town and how long you’re staying. (This last part is important to gauge the interest in a Friday and Sunday evening activities.)

Aside from restaurant-type activities, we’ve talked about:

[ul][li] going to Club Date for karaoke (OK, that was just me, but I’ve been wanting to do that at a 'fest since last year)[/li]
[li] going to an IMAX show in the Old Port (we could do this Friday evening if people are in town, and then go out for food & drinks)[/li]
[li] going on a cemetary tour (I confess: I haven’t looked into it, but there’s nothing stopping us from going up Mount Royal on our own - the view from the lookout is spectacular!)[/li]
[li] going to La Ronde on Sunday (keep in mind it’s $29 to get in with unlimited rides - maybe we can get a group rate if we book ahead)[/li]
[li] Eonwe and CuriousCanuck’s beer-tasting thing [/ul][/li]
Once we have a good idea of the numbers, I’ll make resto reservations and so forth.

Please post…

Oh… I just posted to the other thread. I’m still looking into it, but so far it looks like I will be able to go. I’m mainly sorting out transportation and finances (I just bought my very first, real musical instrument since the days when I’d bang pots and pans together, so I’m financially destroyed right now.)

I have to consider getting myself to Montreal and decide whether or not to get my car out of storage.

Now, you kids had better do as I say, and post in this thread, not the other one! :smiley:

As far as I know, I’ll be coming Friday and staying through Monday (if that’s all right with the evils). Also, I don’t think Airman will be able to make it, which means Aaron won’t be coming either.

So, if Aaron isn’t coming, the sky’s the limit!


What bars are being hit?

Barring a disaster of cosmic proportions, I’ll be there.

Upside Down Amber and I will be there for most of the festivities.

Of course detop will be there… he’s the Grand Marshall of Doperéal!! :wink:

Upham: Any bar suggestions?

MsRobyn: Sounds good. I’ll probably be taking the Friday off.

None at all. I’m an East Coaster, born and bread (Stoney Creek, NB)

I’ve been up here for about a month and a half and since then i’ve been broke as glass - have to keep the steryotype alive, after all.

Just wondering where to point my self.

Yes. Although I’m working, so my participation will be limited.

Never fear, Upham. An itinerary with addresses, times, directions, etc. will be posted in this thread the week of. :slight_smile:

Daerlyn, honey, are you working graveyard that weekend?

Daerlyn, you are my rollercoaster date for the weekend. Don’t forget. :slight_smile:

Siiigh ! Fine, I’ll provide the goat… again :smiley:

Of course lola and I will be there. I will be off work the Friday and the Sunday but Saturday I have to work until 4pm. Otherwise I am there!


Amber: that’s cool - you won’t miss the Saturday dinner, then. :slight_smile:

detop: do you know if they’re still giving cemetery tours on Mount Royal?

The rest of you who haven’t posted yet: grrrrr! :wink:

I’ll be there, I’m off Friday and Sunday (YAY for me)!

Driving by every week day what about Mosaiculture in Old Montreal (it looks very nice)??

Psst! Is scott listening? When are all you Dopers going to Montreal giving him and his intended a shower?

I’m there. And I believe New & Improved Scott is in for at least one evening activity.

Well, I might be able to make it. I have to move into my new room that weekend, but hopefully I can take friday off, and be able to do it then. It all depends on if the guy in the room now is out of there by friday morning so I can move my stuff in there in a few hours, then drive up to Canada (I’m near Albany, so it will be less than four hours, in theory.)

I thankfully have that friday and weekend off…exept my sis’ bday falls on Saturday…we’ll see :slight_smile: