Dopers from cash-strapped states and municipalities: More parking tickets?

I live next door to my old high school, which occupies a most of a large block. Along a couple of sides of this block, parking has always been restricted on weekdays, except for school buses and such like. But when I was a student there, more years ago than I care to count, we could always park along the other two sides of the block. And coming down to more recent times, so could those of us who lived in the area and had no other place to park.

Until about two weeks ago, that is, when I got a ticket. So what I’m wondering is this: Are more parking restrictions being instituted in your area? Is this a way for local governments to garner some quick cash?

Yes, indeed. Note that City planners shoudl know full well that strict parking enforcement and meters hurt downtown retail- but the “lure of easy money” keeps them addicted to the enforcment dollars.

Some cities go so far as to “lure” dudes into parking illegally. Parking is made deliberately difficult so that one is tempted to go for the illegal spot. Perfectly good spots are turned into “loading zones”, etc. Assholes.

Boy, howdy…

Not only parking, but speeding (as in 28 in a 25) and seatbelt checkpoints (it’s not the money, sir. Your safety is our top priority).

Just ahead of the area where I got my ticket was a fire hydrant zone, and then enough plain curb for a couple of cars to park. This stretch of curb used to allow 15 minute parking during the school day, but they stopped that too.

Luckily for me I just got my garage door clicker replaced.