Not sure if I can park here...

So do any doppers out there know of a more confusing set of parking signs?

Sydney is just strange sometimes.

I think it is time to either rethink the parking planning in that spot or to invest in some of those computer controlled LED signs that can display changes to the parking procedure on demand. Computers are good at that type of thing. People using multiple signs with stickers added to them to figure things out are not.

Gah - I’d rather see a, “No Parking At All Times” sign that one like that. All I can figure from that sign is that there may or may not be a very small window of time when you actually can safely park there.

What I want to know is can I park there this Monday during the day? It’s a public holiday, so do I buy a ticket and park less then 4 hours or does the no parking mon-fri over rule?


Wow, I thought some of the signs in downtown Chicago were confusing, but that one takes the cake.
I think I figured it out for the most part, but Robrein brings up a good point about what does one do if the public holiday falls on Monday through Friday? I would assume the Mon - Fri sign should NOT be in effect, but that’s making assumptions.

Case in point: I’m still a little irritated about this one, but a few years ago, I parked where the GMC is here. The top sign marks the end of a metered parking zone. The bottom sign says Loading Zone No Parking 6 am - 6 pm, Mon - Fri. I found the spot there on a Sunday. Since I was behind the “Pay For Parking At Pay Box” sign, I figured I was in the clear. Just so nobody thinks I was being clever, in the parking meter days, this was not too unusual. That spot would not have a meter in front of it, so on Sundays, if it was open, hey! Free parking!

But, no, I got nailed. So I contested it by mail, with photo and everything. My record for getting contested tickets reversed is down to about 35%, but it was 50-50 for awhile. Nope, the ticket was affirmed. At that point, I could have filed an appeal, gone in front of a judge, yaddayaddayadda, but it wasn’t worth my time, so I just sent it in. That one pissed me off because that was one of the few where I really felt I really was in the right. The other ones I just contested to contest, because it never hurts. So, on the balance, I guess it evens out.

Well, I’m pretty sure you can’t park there between 6 and 11 PM on the 26th…
A favorite sign of mine is this one in Oakland. Which direction am I driving?!?

The yellow sign about a tow-away zone has been tacked on especially for next Monday, January 26th, which is Australia Day. There will be double the usual pedestrian traffic in the CBD that day, so roads that usually allow parking are being kept clear.

Since this is on a busy thoroughfare through the city CBD, how long would you think the drivers queued up behind you would give you to interpret the sign before you decided you were allowed to park there?

This is actually a symptom of the Sydney City Council eliminating a lot of the street-parking spaces in the CBD, so the few that are left have to do a lot of multi-tasking.

They want to revitalise the city centre with retail precincts, but go look at where the poor delivery drivers have to park to service them - on footpaths, in No Standing zones, on staircases, up a lightpole…

Monday is the 27th, which is a public holiday because Australia Day is on Sunday.

I’m pretty sure that the white zone is for loading and unloading only and that there is no stopping in the red zone.

Listen Betty, don’t start up with your white zone shit again.

Because of loop highways that’s not uncommon. We have that around Boston with I-95 and I-93.

This sign as you drive into Davis Square in Somerville, MA is one of my favorites. Try to figure that out at 30 MPH. Fortunately traffic is rarely flowing that fast. :slight_smile:

Its Oakland. The correct answer is “away”. :smiley:


The amoebas in Somerville name their arms?

Not, not Oakland really (well, maybe a bit of a piece of this road is in Oakland).

You’re driving more-or-less north, actually, through Berkeley. If you continue much farther, you will end up in San Rafael and New York simultaneously.

Since it’s 8 pm on Saturday, you can park there now, until 10 pm, with a ticket that you get out of the ticket machine. In 2 hours it becomes a taxi zone. At 6 am tomorrow, you can park there without restriction. At 8 am tomorrow it becomes a 4-hour parking zone, with a ticket. At 6 pm tomorrow it becomes a special-event clearway.

But people should not expect to park in the Sydney CBD at any time without restrictions – and if there are no restrictions, someone else will have beaten you to the parking spot.

If I were looking for parking near there, I’d just treat it as ‘No Parking’ and keep looking further down.

Yes. Yes they do.

There used to be a section of road in nearby Arlington where a stretch of road was North, South, East, and West of different routes.

Probably north. :slight_smile:

I find that if you mentally prepend “logical” to these direction signs, they make a lot more sense. “Oh, so I-80 is logically eastbound here? And I-580 is logical west? I can deal with that.” It just means that over the course of the entire highway, this direction ends up further east than it began, even if the particular bit you are on is going in another physical direction. And is shared with another highway going west overall.