No Right Turn 7am - 7pm

I was in Chicago last week for a job interview anyway, while waiting for a person to pick me up, I noticed all the cars were turning right on red. It was a Sunday at around 1pm . I saw a patrol car and I said "A lot of people can’t read the sign huh? The cop laughed and says “Oh that’s just for weekdays.”

The sign didn’t say that, all it said was “No Right Turn 7am - 7pm”

Was this just a lazy cop or a rule of some sort that they just don’t post on the sign?

They are generally there for some type of school, business, or unusual circumstances. Those generally aren’t applicable on weekends so the rule isn’t needed then. I have seen some that say Mon - Fri in small letters at the bottom.

I would guess a combination of lazy or incomplete sign-writing and a cop with common sense who knew what they meant to say.

In my area, many school zone signs say Mon-Fri, but you know darn well the school speed limit doesn’t apply on holidays when no one’s at the school.

Is it possible that all of the traffic traveled from your right to your left during peak traffic on the cross street, and in both directions at other times. The overriding factor here might have been the green and red "X"s above each traffic lane of the cross street.

Every once in a while, big cities offer something in the way of efficiency. People rely on the police to do the right thing. In this case, the right thing is to overlook the sign. It makes me proud to live in a city that recognizes this type of discretion.

I’m not saying it’s all peaches and cream here but Chicago is good like that.

Around here, those signs typically say something like:

In other words, don’t turn on red during morning and evening rush hours. Typically, signs like these get put up at accident-prone intersections. The really bad intersections get an unqualified “No Turn On Red” which is understood to apply 24/7/365.

Well this sign was on Fullerton and Western Ave, if anyone knows, and it clearly says No Right Turn 7am - 7pm"

There is nothing else on the sign, it’s a regular intersection, no schools and both the streets are busy. Makes me think as there is nothing then to STOP the cops from giving you a ticket if they feel like it. Kind of a “iffy” thing if you ask me.

Likewise, in L.A. we have a lot of “street sweeping” signs that say something like “No Parking 11AM-2PM Mondays”. But if a government holiday happens to fall on a Monday, everyone parks there anyway. I admit that I was afraid to flout the sign at first, being a bit of a rule-follower, but even I eventually relinquished and was glad that common sense prevailed.

I got several tickets earlier this year on days after holidays when I’d park on the wrong side of the street. The street I live on has Monday street cleaning on one side and Tuesday on the other. So, come Tuesday morning, I go off to work, starting my week, leaving my car on the “safe on Monday” side of the street.


I finally just set up an email script to send me an email in the morning telling me which side of the street to leave my car on.

Did you mean “No Right Turn on red 7am - 7pm”? Otherwise you’re saying that you can never make a daytime right turn at that intersection.
We have “No Right Turn 7PM to 7AM” (even on green) signs here in DC. Guess why…

To catch drunk drivers???

I wonder about those signs near high schools that say “25 MPH when children are present”

What if a student is present and you get a speeding ticket for exceeding 25 MPH, but the student turns out to be a high school senior who just turned 18?

Yes, do tell.

Do you have one-way streets the flip flop based on the hour?

They give the police an excuse to pull over johns who endlessly drive around and around and around the block scoping out the hookers.

I live on a similar street, except Wednesday/Thursday, so there’s not typically any holiday confusion. But I have found out the hard way that it doesn’t matter if they are actually doing street sweeper (i.e., there was a long period of construction in my area, during which no street sweeping was done). After I got a ticket I considering arguing with the city that if they aren’t sweeping the street, they shouldn’t give me a ticket…but I couldn’t get worked up enough, so I just paid it. :o

Heh. I’ve lived here almost my whole life, and I’ve never heard that it only applies on weekdays. In reality, it should only apply on weekdays, but nobody has ever told me to disregard the sign on weekends.

In New York, the radio would say “Alternate side of the street regulations suspended” on holidays. But holidays are not always safe. I read in Mr. Roadshow of people ticketed for driving in car pool lanes on Christmas, when there was almost no traffic.

Typically the city bylaws will spell out the restrictions and exceptions in detail, but the signs don’t necessarily do the same.

“Darn Well”? A Jacksonville, NC, flaw enforcement officer recently ticketed a driver going over the 25 mph (school zone) speed limit because the sign said “When Flashing”. It was 10 p.m. The clock running the flasher was out of kilter.

There are speed limit signs outside schools here that say “40 KM/H 7:30am-9:00am 2:30pm-4:00pm School Days Only”.

That’s all well and good if you have kids and know when the school holidays/Teacher Only Days/etc are, but not quite so helpful for the rest of us…