Dopers help ID this fish that has human like teeth (with video)

Is it really a Pacu? I couldn’t find any Pacu pics online with that big hump seen in the video.
Texas Man Catches Fish With Human-Like Teeth

Sure looks like a Pacu. Used to see a couple of big ones where I bough feeder fish for my Oscars. Right size, color, plate-like body. Someone just released a pet into a lake… always a bad move anyway you look at it.

Oops… here’s the right link.

That’d be nice if you meant it.

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That’s funky. It’s like Aardman Productions branched out into biogenetics.

Actually his first link has the correct pics.

Yes, click on the picture at the top of my first link. I’m not sure why it works and the other doesn’t since the urls appear identical

I thought this was going to be about one of those high-quality pictures from the Weekly World News, the funniest periodical available anywhere. :smiley:

(That is one yucky-looking fish. Of course, they’re all yucky-looking.)


That is one freaky fish.

Yup. That looks like a Pacu to me.

I like those fish. They’re really cool when they’re full grown (can get to be about 2 feet).

Not at all on topic, other than dealing with fish in unexpected places. As I was walking from the train to work this a.m. in downtown Chicago, crossing the river on the Madison St bridge, I noticed something on the walkway. I assumed it was a dead pigeon, but when I looked, it was a dead fish, maybe 1’ long. Not sure of the species. Silver, rather large scales. Didn’t examine it too closely!
That was a first in 20+ years of commuting.
Not sure if a boater on the river lobbed it up there - think it was too large for a seagull to have caried and dropped.
What an exciting life the commuter leads!

Since that fish has been identified, I present the Sheepshead, a salt water species that can be caught in Texas as well as a lot of coastal areas. That’s a pic of it’s teeth, not the best pic. Here are a few more.