Help identifying a fish

I’m trying to identify a fish I once saw when I was little boy in my favorite encyclopedia volume. Unfortunately I don’t recall what letter it was for :slight_smile: I also don’t remeber that much about the fish except that it was stunning in it’s size. It looked like a gold fish, only pale white and stubbier, and huge!

In the picture there was a man swimming next to it and the fish was so large, I imagined it could have easily bitten off his head, or perhaps even swallow the man whole. I also recall that the lips were very pouty and human like. There might or might have not been a reference to Africa.

Does anyone have any clue as to what I might be talking about?

An Ocean Sunfish? Ocean sunfish - Wikipedia

A colecanth?

Carp,perhaps That photo is of a drab one, but there are white varieties.And, can attain great size , plus are well-known in captivity. Can you recall if it’s a freshwater fish or a saltwater one?

Carp are more like goldfish, and the likelihood of finding a photo of someone swimming next to a big one way more likely. But, to contrast with another, bigger, saltwater trophy fish,there’s the Tarpon, which can be Huge, scroll down a bit to see an immense one

ANy of this match with your remembrance?

A white Grouper? There’s quite a few varieties, some of which are goldfish-like.
They can get big enough to bite off a head

I vote for Ocean Sunfish too. They’re freaky and white and huge.

It definitely had to be a sun fish! Wow those suckers are huge. Thanks everyone!

How about a Napoleon Wrasse ?

This is a small to middling sized one

Hmm, Napoleon Wrasse definitely has the big pouty lips like I remember, more so that the sun fish. Do they come in a whitish color?

That fish? That was Steve. I remember him well. Quite tall, walked with a limp. Used to play croquet.

You need help identifying any other fish, just ask. :wink:

There are many differant varieties of Wrasse one very lare one is all black, others are incredibly bright blue and yellow stripes, seems to me there just has to be room for a light coloured fish.

I’ve seen pictures of one that eats coral with big pouty lips, but I don’t know what type, it was, probably a parrotfish.

You could also be looking for some sort of gouper,

I feel saddened that the Goliath Grouper which is seen as being critically endangered has so many images across the net of wannabee big men who have caught and killed them in their holiday pictures, humans can really suck hard.

Here is a one example,

One of the biggest crimes in the world is ignorance, couple that with selfishness and you have to wonder about the fate of our kind.

The Napoleon Wrasse is also becoming endangered and may be in an even worse positions since they take a long time to reporduce, the picture may well be not as obvious, but somehow the fish seems to be popular fodder among the Japanese side of the Pacific.

That first pic of the Wrasse is the spitting image! It’s like I’m opening that book again. Thanks so much for the help.

I don’t think that fish is very big - it’s just in front of the diver…