Which is the uglier fish?


Anglerfish - The scary fish from Finding Nemo and Blue Planet.

Blobfish - Rare, and… Well, just take a gander at the thing.

This is a poll, I guess!

I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of the blob.

The blobfish is comical. It looks like one of the men who live in the condo my parents retired to has been left out in the sun and melted.

“It’s like a sauna out here!”

The blobfish. By a nose.

Awww, I think the blobfish is cute. There is a cartoon character it resembles but I can’t put my finger on the guy’s name at the moment.

I would have to see the blobfish in the water.

Tupug Anachi Ziggy?


The blobfish scares the hell outta me. It’s eyes are too human.


Sing along!

Eyes without a face. . .

YES!!! That’s it! Doesn’t it? :smiley:

Anglerfish! Those jaws, those teethhas nightmares

The blobfish looks a little bit like the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth (scary picture in the link), but definitely has cute potential.

I was thinking the Blobfish reminded me more of Kilroy. The Anglerfish somehow reminds me of Lupo the Butcher though.

[sub]Sunnavabitch, I dunno.[/sub]

How about the Shortraker Rockfish? Not an attractive animal.

I wonder what the blobfish would look like in the water. Maybe not as bad.

The anglerfish wins because it’s scarier. The blobfish looks like melted ice cream.

I think the anglerfish wins because the blobfish is cute, too (though in the right context the anglerfish is quite cute. Rock Bottom anyone?)

How about the monkfish ?

When you first see Mr. Blobby you think “Oh my god! What the hell?!” then you look at it again and stare at it some more and it kind of grows on you. Maybe it reminds you of some nice old man you once knew.

When you see an angler fish you think “Oh my god! What the hell?!”. Then you look at it again and think “Oh my god! What the hell?!” and that’s pretty much what happens everytime you look at one of those.

So the winner would be the anglerfish.

Definitely the anglerfish. These are two of many reasons why I’m not partial to oceans. Holy fuck! They’re ugly.

I’m going to go downstairs and tell my goldfish how cute and adorable they are…

What is coming out of the Rockfish’s mouths? Do I want to know?

The blobfish sort of reminds me of Alice the Goon.

Well they apparently they only live in the deepest trenches of the ocean. So if you’re only there for 20 minutes…and it’s the '60’s, you’ll probably be all right.