Dopers keeping tabs on other Dopers... The DopeFiles.

I didn’t want to resurrect the old thread, but it was very interesting to read. So I wanted to start it up again.

I’ll start. Until about a month I never had a “file” on anyone. I just usually remembered some things about other members that I found interesting. But then came the Boston Dopefest, and I got nervous about meeting a bunch of strangers. I needed talking points dammit! So (sorry if this was creepy) I made a cheat sheet the night before. Just a few things about each member that I knew would be arriving. So that’s how I knew things like how Hippy was on so many gameshows and **Robot Arm ** sailed out of Nova Scotia. I think lorene even caught me sneaking a peak at it during dinner.

Probably won’t have to do that again though, having been to one I am now not nervous about having nothing to talk about.
So now your turn, whether it be physical, or otherwise, what sort of files do you keep on Dopers?

Listen about your file ok?
The incident with the wet Haddock,the jar of warm custard and the feather boa was a one off ok?
Its not the real me at all,I was just curious is all and anyway I just happened to stumble over them in the street when the vice squad turned up,the items were in fact nothing whatsoever to do with me and you have my word that the sheep was a perfectly willing participant.
So you might as well hit the delete on that particular item eh?mate ,buddy…?

Okay, the previous thread had three pages, maybe I thought this topic was interesting.

One free bump!

I don’t have a file or files, but I just remember a thing or two about the Dopers I’ve met at the two NE Ohio Dopefests which I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Never occurred to me to assemble dossiers on anyone. :dubious:

I just have a “mental” file. It’s not very accurate sometimes, but at least when I see a name, I can go “oh, yeah, that’s the one who just got married/had a baby/got a new kitten/quit her job” kinda thing. I sort of remember the 2-3 dopers who have birthdays near mine, too.

I have a mental file too, and can pull up little facts on a username when I see it. It’s not being kept on purpose though. Random things just stick in my head. It happens in real life too.

I can barely remember faces the until I’ve seen them several times, but if you remind me of your name, loads of memories will come streaming in

I’m hoping that FRDE hasn’t given up on us.

Only on the Dopers that I’m stalking. (you know who you are!)

I don’t intentionally keep track of anything, but my brain does tend to remember things about dopers that I’ve met in person. I’m the opposite of Omega Glory. I remember much more about dopers when I can put a face to the name. I remember faces easily, but I have to have the name repeated to me many times before I’ll remember it.

I tend to remember the names of dopers who say they are in my general area (southern PA/ Baltimore) even if I haven’t met them.

There’s also a relatively small group of folks here who have a lot of knowledge about electrical stuff, and we all tend to post to the same threads. I tend to remember a fair bit about these folks even though we’ve never met either.

The rest of you, forget it. I’m lucky to remember your name. Sorry. I guess as far as stalkers go, I’m not very good at it.

If emails count, I have a rather extensive file on a few as I have gmail and archive almost everything sent to me.

Besides that, it’s all mental and is mostly just impressions.

I’m keeping an eye on all of you. :dubious:

Y’all look kinda shifty to me.

I think I have mental notes on over one hundred dopers. I have some in mental categories.

Tolkien Fans

Knowledgeble Science Posters

Fellow Jerseyites

Baseball Fans


Yikes! Thank god I’m none of the above. :smiley:

I saw what you did.

All of you.

I have a mental file, too. As in “this person is MENTAL, that person is MENTAL…”

Heh heh. Sorry someone had to say it :smiley: .

No, I don’t keep any computer files about anyone. I do remember the people who stand out, of course.

I should think the people who do keep files probably won’t answer.

I have a mental idea of who else has a November birthday, some of the MMP’ers, some of the people who post in the cafe society thread, and some of the posters I like best. But I don’t write any of it down and don’t really make a point of remembering.

Well under etc. are categories like “People I have met”.

Side notes of ‘likes games and puzzles’, your job, ‘very nice person’ and more.

Then there is that whole Naughty or Nice check box. :wink:

Hmm, well, I actually listed it once, but lost the list. I try and keep track of the Dopers who live near me and the ones that share my religious background.

I once made a list of the dopers I knew to be in the military or veterans. I’m especially interested in my fellow female veterans. But I haven’t kept the list up to date.

I don’t keep files on them, but there are some dopers who I keep a special lookout for. Those who I find extremely interesting, or have something in common with (usually an odd thing, not just “those dopers who watch television…” hehe)

There are some specifically that I go on and on about outside of the dope, (Hal, Mouse, Anaamika, I’m looking in your direction.) Those are the ones I specifically would hope for a dopefest with. Let’s be honest, I’m a nerd, and an addict…