Dopers of Sport

I recently had a random memory that I played winter intramural basketball some time in middle school. For more than one season, even. Can’t believe I forgot that!

Anyway, here’s the question: Since the age of 5, what organized, competitive sports have you participated in?

YMCA soccer for 6-year olds counts
Swimming lessons does not count

Work-sponsored volley ball counts
Cycling for exercise does not count

Trying to get a gist of what teams or sports leagues people have joined, not what sports people have played.

(Poll coming)





Damnit Beavis, your are bringing up bad memories. I am just not a team sport kind of guy. I was forced to play pee-wee baseball when I was 6 - 7. They put me in left field where no kid that age could hit the ball. Low and behold, one hit one directly towards me in the 9th inning to score the game winning run. Everyone was cheering for me to finally make the big play but I was chasing butterflies at the time and only got annoyed when the coached marched me off the field after the other team won. I had no idea what had happened but I was certain it was boring as hell no mater what it was.

My mother tried to console me about my ‘humiliation’ on the drive back home but I told her it was OK because I could just sit on the bench and talk to my friends from then on and didn’t haven’t stand in left-field like an idiot anymore.

I was one of the best overall scorers on the team however because I figured out the probability of a pitcher throwing three strikes before 4 balls in the pee-wee league always worked out in your favor if you never swung at all. People laughed but it was a simple mathematical fact and I got on first base more than anyone.

Today, I do lots of individual sports like swimming and cycling but I never enjoyed being around a group of sweaty men jabbering about something dumb even as a kid.

Going to move this to The Game Room.

I forgot softball, basketball and lacrosse, because I’m a boob. I kindly and humbly asked mods to help me out, so if you want to vote for any of those hold tight.

Little League baseball. Absolutely stunk up the place. 3 years.

High school and college-track and cross-country. Continued running road and trail races after. 1976-2004.

No local races for handcycles.

Little league baseball - hated it.
Bowling - work and city leagues over the years - loved it but don’t do it any more
High school track team - hated it
I’ve done a few mountain bike races, fun but too much hard work
Volleyball - loved it but haven’t played in years
Basketball in high school - was never any good

I’d probably still be doing bowling and volleyball but neither are as popular in the UK as the US and there aren’t any leagues nearby.

I did baseball as a kid, 4-5 years I would guess. One year of basketball, I think I scored 2 points the entire time. One season of football in 7th grade, I hated it. I did two years of high school swimming, enjoyed it, wish I had done more but some of the guys on the football team were also swimmers so I avoided them. I still swim as an adult, and do occasionally swim in adult meets.

In addition to tennis, volleyball, cross country, soccer, and rugby, I ticked both your final two options because I think badminton and table tennis should both be on the list. Also, there’s no doubt the version I play is organised and competitive, but it may stretch the definition of “sport”: croquet. Similar applies for snooker and pool.

I was never much good at any of the above (except croquet) so the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” seems fairly apt here :).

Ooh, just realised you missed out cricket and squash as well - though I have not played either of those except at school or between friends.

Ice hockey: Played youth, high school, college, and now in a men’s league

Baseball: Played Little League and stopped at high school

Football: Played 7th-10th grade

Track: 11th and 12th grade

Cross Country: 12th grade

Soccer: 1 season when I was 6 years old

Football on my grade school team (touch football). Was briefly on the “tackle” football team in high school, then played intramural football throughout college.

Fencing, for a short time, in college.

I was not much of an athlete as a kid (I was the skinny little nerdy kid who would much rather spend a summer day reading), and so, I think I was the only boy in my grade school class who didn’t play organized baseball.

Baseball: tball, little league, Babe Ruth
Soccer: rec league up to high school, some high school soccer
Football: 1 season of flag. I was small as a child but made up for it by being slow

Let’s see.

I was always an athletic kid, so I span the gamut.

Middle school basketball.
Skiing since I was around 10 - on the high school team, Nancy Greene in Canada and then I was on the New Brunswick team after that.
Little league baseball and I played Baseball and did Track in high school, but my real sport was Soccer – captain of the team my senior year. I played in college too. And then there were the endless summer leagues, indoor leagues, pick-up games, etc.
I played a little summer team tennis.
I golf - but I don’t think you could really call it either organized or competitive.
Intramural college goofy shit.
Summer rec swim team for a few years in a row.
Skateboarding of course, but not really competitive – just bombing around town on my K-Mart special plastic board.

The only one I got stiffed on was American Football. It just wasn’t offered (outside of Winter Carnival Flag Football) at my school. I never strapped on the pads an played an actual refereed game – but oh I would have loved to.

Ok now that I got my shit fixed (thank you Mods!!!) I voted myself.

Tee ball then softball from ages 5-18
YMCA Soccer at some point when I was small.
Previously-mentioned winter basketball, then intramural basketball for 6th graders, then the actual girls basketball team. That last one didn’t last so long once my fat self had to run full court!
I was on a girl scout bowling team at some point, and then on a bowling team as an adult. I am still an awful bowler.
I was the broomball goalie in college!

I’ve done martial arts too but not competitively.

Given the text of the OP, I’m assuming that the surfing and surfing (competitive) are the same thing and just an oversight?

ETA: Also, my “legit sport you forgot” is ultimate.

I was in a curling rec league. That’s legit in Canada, probably not so much in other parts of the world.

I was also in a youth bowling league as a kid, which is about as legit as curling.

Yeah. I had to ask the mods for so many fixes that i was too embarrassed to ask for that one too :slight_smile:

What is “ultimate”? Ultimate fighting? Ultimate frisbee? Ultimate checkers? :slight_smile:

Sorry about the lack of non-American sports like cricket and curling.

Also I think snooker and pool are legit sports, sure.

Do you count college intramural slow-pitch softball as “organized” and a “sport”? :slight_smile: If so…that’s it for me.

And one year of middle-school basketball, best forgotten. I could neither dribble nor shoot.

But I’ve been a Little League coach and umpire for the past 22 years.

I did football and track in college all of my other sports we elementary leagues. I did baseball, basketball, soccer and swimming. Of corse I forgot soccer and swimming while I was filling out the poll. I played rugby and ran half marathons once I got out of school.