Dopers Predict the 88th Academy Awards Winners: Best Actress

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Let’s see how well we can, as a group, predict the major Oscar winners.

It is not necessary to have seen all the nominated films to vote, simply predict who or what you think will win.

Next up: Best Actress

This is difficult because I’ve only seen two of the five movies (Room and Brooklyn). Both were great performances, but Brie Larson had a much darker and challenging script to work with. Saoirse Ronan may be my new celebrity crush, though.

I don’t think Ronan or J-Law are in contention this year (Joy hasn’t gotten a lot of love from the critics*). I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Blanchett won (playing an heroic LGBTQ character always helps) but I think voters will choose to recognize Larson’s amazing (and devastating) performance.

Easy. Brie Larson. Don¡t throw your office pool picking anybody else.

It took Ingrid Bergman 31 years to win 3 Oscars, Meryl Streep 33 years, Katharine Hepburn 36 years. I seriously doubt Cate will do it in 12.