Dopers Predict the 88th Academy Awards Winners: Director

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Let’s see how well we can, as a group, predict the major Oscar winners.

It is not necessary to have seen all the nominated films to vote, simply predict who or what you think will win.

Next up: Director

They won’t give Inarritu a second straight one, Miller is a septuagenarian and Mad Max directorial efforts were universally praised, even if it’s an actioner- Abrahamson is too indie and McCarthy- well, he did an Adam Sandler movie- he’s going to need five Station Agents to atone for that one.

Going with Miller.

This is the hardest major category. That’s actually true many years.

Yeah, we might get a split with Miller winning this and Revenant winning Best Picture.

That’s what I think will happen. They’ll never give BP to a movie like Mad Max, but they’ll probably take the opportunity to award Miller for this movie and really, his whole career, since Inarritu won last year.

I agree the best bet is a split; Miller is well respected and it’d be a deserving award for a remarkably directed film