Dopers Predict the 88th Academy Awards Winners: Best Actor

LINK to Best Picture poll.
Let’s see how well we can, as a group, predict the major Oscar winners.

It is not necessary to have seen all the nominated films to vote, simply predict who or what you think will win.

Next up: Best Actor

Easy. This is Leo’s year.

I agree. And the fact that the role he played was with almost no dialogue makes his acting chops in that movie much more outstanding.

A white guy will win it.

DiCaprio a prohibitive favourite by any measure. He isa wildly favoured in every betting market. All precedent and trends suggest he will win. I will take a bet on him with anyone who cares to bet against him.

I will say, if Redmayne had not won just last year, that he would be in the discussion. But because he did, none of the other performances (good as they were) come close.

Leo finally gets it done.

Eh- Di Caprio.