Doper's Sites

I’m sure lots of you dopers own websites of some kind or another, why not post the addresses up here for all to see?

Click the little house under a post to go to a Doper’s page.

Although there is that lovely red house at the bottom of my message indicating that I have a webpage, I shall post the address anyway.
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Both of the websites I own are in my sig line.

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Oh, all right. Here it is:

But don’t sign my guestbook! (I don’t have one.)

I’ve found quite a few of those little houses have no site attached - [Not found]. I guess some people just can’t keep house, or let it fall into disrepair.

Not only do I have a website, but I have my own lame-ass vanity domain.

Go here. And please sign the guestbook.

Another vanity effort right here – Crusoe takes a trip

I have a few retarded pages that should be destroyed.

Not only a website by a doper, but an doper website as well. It’s a collection of pictures from a doper meeting in Houston last January.

Thanks once again to TheNerd and OpalCat.

For you bugologists (or anyone interested in graduate work, especially mosquitoes):

Department of Entomology at Rutgers
New Jersey Mosquitoes - Biology and Control
ARBOBYTES (a listserve for arbovector disease, especially West Nile fever.)

My own page resides in the little red house.
</shameless plug>

I have a vanity domain, too.

No guestbook, but I do have pictures of flodjunior and flod2k. Your admiration is appreciated.

I have a nice blue webpage.